Writer’s Corner

Hey there writer. I know since you landed on this page that you are interested in writing or have a book you want to publish. Let’s make it really simple then. Let’s make your journey easy and a one stop shop to make all of your endeavors easy.


Choosing to publish isn’t hard. I say it’s a process and I can take you through that process if you choose to work with me. You ask and I will tell. Following simple steps will get you to your finish line sooner than later.

If you choose to self-publish prepare to be taken through the process on accomplishing each step. This route is ever more popular and with the millions of books publishing each year just about half of those books now are self-published. This of course makes it harder to even gain a major publishing deal, but not impossible.

Book a coaching session:

I originally self-published and launched my own company at 21 years of age. Only nine months after my debut in 2009 a major publisher came knocking on my door and offered me a mass market book deal. From there my very own titles have sold of 80,000 alone.  Currently a publisher over ten authors myself I continue to expand my brand and my audience.

During your 2 part session you will learn:

–              Traditional v/s self-publishing: advantages & disadvantages

–              Developing a publishing plan

–              Forming your publishing company

–              Branding and imaging

–              Registering for an ISBN & barcode

–              Cover design & layout

–              Printing your book

–              The ins and outs of book distribution

–              Strategies for selling your book

–              Industry networking

Book today by calling 210.549.7068 with the cost of $175 or email me at aambookclub@gmail.com



“I always have to thank u. U don’t know how your tele seminar made my publishing so much easier. And I love how u continue to write with a meaningful purpose. Definitely one of biggest inspirations in the industry.” This from Author Jamie Jones who took my coaching seminar in publishing/marketing in February 2012.



  1. Question: How would an independent author go about establishing a major distribution deal?

  2. hmmmm be a independent and put in aggressive work. Document it and then pitch yourself to them and show them what you have done on your own

  3. When you published your first book who edited and formatted it? Or did you already have knowledge of how to edit and format? That is my biggest hurdle at this time with book two.

  4. email me at aambookclub@gmail.com

  5. Diane Ellis says:

    I am so interested in your help its been a long time coming thank you for getting back to me once again your help will be greatly appreciated

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