To Love a No Good Ni**a 2 by Phoenix Williams #PassionateSpot


The Bird sisters Raven, Robin, Sparrow, and Blue are thrown once again, into life and death situations of their own creation.
Sparrow’s quick trip down the aisle with Isiah comes back to bite her, when a blast from the past reveals some secrets, making Sparrow doubt everything she’s ever known about her new husband.
Raven and Pierre are no longer in danger, but someone they love more than life is, their infant son, P.J. Robin has been living the life, until an unexpected threat disrupts the new peace she has made for herself in New York. An impromptu trip to Vega reveals deadly secrets and hidden agendas and puts Blue in the crosshairs of one of the world’s most dangerous women, Danni.
As they navigate the seedy underbelly of Chicago, they will have to slay old demons and new ones in order to make it out alive. Nothing is certain and no one is who they seem to be, including their new allies. For this family, only one thing is for sure: if family is worthy of dying for, then it is definitely worth killing for. Or on the other hand, is it?


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