#MustRead Why a Thug Can’t Love Me 2 by Monica Jeremie


Quintavius Ford was Sidney’s knight in shining armor; her proof that she could have that fairytale ending. However, when his sudden, unexplained behavior places a strain on their relationship, Sidney was left no choice, but to end it. Moving forward proves to be difficult when Kaylin winds up in her bed and kidnaps her heart. Well aware she crossed the line by sleeping with her ex’s best friend; she wonders if her wrongful actions make her feelings for Kaylin and the possibility of a romance between them any less real?

Once again, life for Sidney seems leaded in a positive direction; based on her track record though, true happiness always seems to elude her. Faced with a traumatic event, Sidney is overcome with heartbreak and grief. As a result, she succumbs to the numbing effects of a toxic, uninhibited lifestyle. Burning many bridges during her downward spiral, her friend, Raleigh, is the only person who remains in her corner. Nevertheless, when his loyalty is tested, Sidney begins to wonder if anyone’s ever had her best interest at heart.

What happens when a relationship is built on lies and lust, friendships are threatened by betrayal, and the true colors of those Sidney Jackson cherished as lovers and friends are revealed. Will her heart ever be safe?

Get your copy:  http://www.amazon.com/Why-Thug-Cant-Love-Me-ebook/dp/B017KVZSUS


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