New Release: Money, Power, Respect: A Chicago Street Tale by Phoenix Williams #PassionateSpot

MoneypowerrespectSex was the ruler of all things evil; at a young age, Danni learned how to get what she wanted by using what she had. Forced to turn tricks to survive when her drug-addicted mother was killed, she vowed to not stay at the bottom for too long.  Working her way up through the sex industry,  soon earned her status as a top notch Madame. She finally has the three things she’s always wanted: money, power and respect, but it involved taking a life to get there.

With a dangerous past still haunting her, she has built a sexual playground worthy of the world’s elite.  Red Door is the place where no one, including the Madame, is who they seem to be, obsession is encouraged, and violence is part of the game.   The line between fantasy and reality begins to blur dangerously; deadly betrayals and heartbreaking actions start to take place.

Danni’s forced to make a decision: walk away from everything she’s worked for or once again, kill for her freedom. What will she choose to do? If sex is the ruler of all things evil, what does that make murder?


Dressed in all black, gloves covering our hands and caps covering our heads, we blended in with the darkness.  We had taken every precaution to make sure not an ounce of our DNA was in the car.

I took the gag out of Randolph’s mouth and he screamed bloody murder.  I laughed.  There was no one around for miles.  The land had been sold to developers and they had yet to occupy it.

“Are you done now?” I asked him.  Tears streamed down his swollen cheeks.  “I mean, you can continue to scream if you like but no one will be coming to your rescue.  No one occupies this land.  Once the owners do decide to start building the luxury condos, your body will be so decomposed even your own mother won’t be able to recognize you.”

He tried to gather up some courage.  “Dental records and fingerprints will identify me.  They will connect me to the Senator and all of you will go to jail before you rot in hell.”

I looked at Bruce, he looked at me, and we burst out laughing.  I loved this part.  Between guffaws, I was able to say, “Do you really think we’re stupid?  You must think this is our first time?  Honey, I will have Big Boy here sit on your chest while I rip out each and every one of your teeth.  I will peel your fingertips off like the skin off of a grape.”  He peed himself and that set off another round of laughter.

The light from the moon shone down on him and accentuated his bruised and battered frame.  When we first met him at the drop off place he was cocky.  I couldn’t stand cocky motherfuckers.  He tried to get tough with me since Bruce waited in the car.  He thought he could intimidate me.  I laughed at him before giving him the beat down of his life.  He had learned a valuable lesson that day, no one fucks with Danni.

We kept him locked in his trunk for the last few days, only providing enough food and water to keep him alive.

“Please,” his voice broke.  He took a deep breath as tears and snot flowed from him.  “Please don’t hurt me anymore.  I’ll do anything.  Anything.  Just don’t kill me, please.”

I rolled my eyes.  It was always the ones who acted tough in the beginning that broke down like little bitches in the end.  “Be a man!”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone.  Just let me go.”

“I know you won’t tell anyone.”  He relaxed.  “You can’t tell anyone if I cut out your tongue.”  He cried harder.  “Or, if you’re dead.”

On Kindle for only $0.99 cents


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