Street Kings Melody by Clifton Dutton now on #Kindle #PassionateSpot

streetkings (1)


Based on elements of true events, Clifton J. Dutton takes you on a journey that proves to be electrifying. Street Kings Melody stretches the boundaries, taking you deep into Kevin’s mind, a confused, young, black man, desperately seeking the love that was taken from him so long ago. Kevin soon rises from a prince to a king on the streets of DC, the murder capital. His sadistic inner soul was created the day his family was murdered right before his eyes as a child. The desire to rule and to be loved ultimately creates a monster within him.

Maria becomes the reason for living in Kevin’s mind and as his crew grows, so does his love for her. Her unbreakable loyalty will soon mold Prince into a walking urban legend that defines the word, gangster. However, when past sins force a wave of revenge towards Kevin and his family at the hands of someone he knows, his new life takes a deadly hit.

With a deadly war on his hands, keeping the love of his life safe and ruling the streets takes priority, but Kevin has no idea that his enemy is right under his nose. Street Kings Melody will have you cheering for the one American gangster you hate to love.


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  1. RedHeadedBookLover says:

    I’ve just checked out your blog and it is so awesome! It is safe to say I love it (: but what I was going to say was that I really enjoyed this blog post and thought it was amazing (:
    Don’t stop writing anytime soon! I enjoy your posts too much! (:

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