Ava DuVernay makes next big move in the film world #PassionateSpot

Ava DuVernay

When you’re hot you’re hot, and right now Ava DuVernay is one of the most sought after people in the movie business.

On the heels of her box office success directing the Academy Award winning Selma, DuVernay is retooling her film company, AFFRM (African American Film Festival Releasing Movement) into something much larger and more expansive called Array.

Array will focus on giving a platform to more films by minorities and women. The plan is to increase the number of films it releases beyond its past output of two per year.

“I’ve always felt as if there were so many films that get made but not seen,” DuVernay told Variety. “The real focus of our company has always been distribution. What we’re doing now is opening our arms a little wider and enlarging our mission.”

DuVernay already has Array’s first few projects in motion as the company recently teamed with Neflix to stream Tina Mabry’s Mississippi Damned on the platform and has plans to release two additional films this fall: South African director Sara Blecher’s coming-of-age drama Ayanda and the Mechanic and Takeshi Fukunaga’s debut feature Out of My Hand.

“It’s a definite evolution of what we were doing at AFFRM,” says DuVernay. “When I was out promoting Selma, I became aware of so many other films that ought to be getting distribution. And this is a problem I can do something about because of my experience.”

DuVernay says she plans to utilize both theatrical arthouses and streaming platforms to distribute films.

For more information on Array, please visit www.arraynow.com


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