They’re gonna kill me too; just like #SandraBland


I keep telling myself that if I continue to add to society and do good deeds then I won’t be victimzed by the KKK I mean the police. Let’s call a spade a spade the police is the new KKK. They operate as if they are the law and suffer from a deadly disease called a power trip. Give a classless man a badge and a weapon and this fool think he’s Goliath. The police are NOT the law. They are to enforce it and one thing I have seen time and time again is that they do not understand or know their position.

I AM Sandra Bland. I have no prior convictions. I am an educated woman, and I am an entrepreneur. But also like Sandra I speak openly about the lack of respect for black lives. And yes I do believe because I am a woman, educated, somewhat of a celeb, and a mother that I won’t be killed by the police. That was until they killed Sandra then the fear settled in. For years I feared raising my son who is now 8 because he is society’s number one target. But is he really? For the first time in my life when I walked out the door the next day I double checked my seat belt, I made sure I was covered because if I were pulled over I wouldn’t feel comfortable being in a dress, and then I started cussing because my break light was out. “Damn it, they are going to definitely pull me over now.” I thought.

Before I pulled out I sunk low into my seat and fought back tears. “I am an American. I am free. I pay my taxes. I have never been arrested. Why do I have to fear for my life like this? This shit isn’t fair?” I shook those thoughts out of my head and started talking to God. “You got to help!” How can I teach my kids to be strong, to not fear, and to be smart when it was clear that Sandra Bland knew her rights, voiced her rights, and the police ignored them all. Stating that she was resisting arrest when she wasn’t even under arrest.

If I know my rights. If I voice my rights. If I stand my ground what does it matter. At the end of the day I have a black face and that black face means ignorance and a menace to them. They released the name of the police officer today who arrested Sandra, and who is more likely responsible for her dying. And  I laughed upon seeing his name and face. Why did I laugh you ask?

Well killing a black face is big business in America. Soon enough this fool will have thousands of supporters and a Go Fund Me account and will be sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars soon. He’ll have an awesome legal team who may represent him for free. And he’ll get leave with benefits. What does Sandra Bland get? Six feet under and a pile of dirt.

Fuck the police! And to be quite frank about it I am Sandra Bland because I would have reacted just like her. I know my rights. So I am going to say it. And I know the risk of stating my rights but what is the alternative? Acting like a slave and HE the master by saying yes sir, take the hate, take the assault, and take the arrest so that I can live? Would I be a coward and live or die boldly? What would you do? By the way someone will die today by the hands of the police, will it be you? Will it be me? Doesn’t matter right? It’s going to be someone but will we continue to NOT get justice?



  1. A scary truth, for sure. I have the exact same feelings.

  2. Well written article. We all want to know #whathappenedtosandrabland ? I am Sandy myself, but I ask myself if I would have been as vocal as she? Will a moment of ego bosting for someone on a powertrip save my life? Maybe, but to be honest I don’t know and I never want to find out.

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