Coming to #Kindle July 8th Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust by Khara Campbell [exclusive excerpt]


Cassandra had been in love before and if you asked her, love was pain; every day she was reminded of that with the hand she was currently dealt. She struggles to provide for her kids, working a dead-end job while going to school.   Stuck in a meaningless relationship, which only involved midnight creeps into her bed, she ends things with Darius in hopes for something better in life.

Just when Cassandra isn’t looking for anything or anyone, that’s when Marco comes along; he’s handsome, a great father to his son, and a business owner. Marco’s had his share of women and often juggled relationships, but upon meeting Cassandra, his desire is kindled and he has to fight against wanting anything more than just a casual thing. With each day, they both fight the obvious; they want each other. A night of forbidden passion leads them into bed together; they soon wind up going back and forth, as Cassandra begins to date Damian to distract her from the one she really wants—Marco.

The attraction is strong and the chemistry is explosive—will their efforts to ignore their hearts’ desire trump love, or will they finally give in to what is obviously meant to be?


I Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust

Sample Excerpt

Chapter 12

“I thought you weren’t coming to pick him up until 11,” Marco said after opening up his front door for Diamond. He looked over her shoulder, noticing her man in the driver seat of his car. He gave him a nod in an effort to try to be cordial. If this dude was around his son he wanted them on good terms because he knew he wouldn’t have a problem Jackie Chan-ing his tail if he ever looked at MJ the wrong way. So far his son hadn’t voiced any concerns regarding Diamond’s boyfriend.

“Yeah I know. But I promised MJ he could go to the beach with his friends and I was in this area so I decided to come early.” She walked into his townhouse closing the door behind herself.

“Alright. Just would’ve been nice if you’d given us the heads up. He’s just getting out the shower.” Marco walked into modern styled tropical designed kitchen – thanks to his sisters’ decorating. He didn’t like the bright turquoise walls at first, but it grew on him. He grabbed a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge. “You’re gonna have to get him breakfast. I was just going to make us some.”

Diamond sat on one of the high back stools at the kitchen island. “We got him McDonald’s.”

Figures. Marco groaned. She couldn’t cook to save her life. “You know cooking is much healthier and saves money.” He just had to throw that in there for the record.

Diamond rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed. “Whatever Marco! Don’t worry about what I feed him. He’s perfectly healthy as of his last check-up.”

He could’ve said more but he wasn’t in the mood for an argument this morning. At least he knew MJ got home cooked meals when he was with him. “MJ your mother’s here,” Marco called out.

“Yes sir!” MJ yelled back from his room.

“So what do you have planned for the day?” Diamond asked studying him as he drank a glass of juice.

“None of your business!” He couldn’t stand it when she tried to act like she had a right to be all up in his affairs.

“Damn Marco we can’t have a cordial conversation? Everything between us doesn’t have to solely be about MJ.”

He placed the empty glass in the sink. “Yes it does.”

“We can also be friends for the sake of our son, can’t we?”

He turned and leaned his back against the sink folding his arms, then looked at her. “So did your man hit the right spot for you last night? Did he have you screaming out his name?”

She looked up at him in surprise. “The hell? What kind of question is that?”

“The type of question friends ask another friend,” he replied with a smirk.

“Jerk!” she hopped down from the stool. “MJ baby, meet me in the car.” She headed for the front door.

He watched her leave, knowing that would’ve shut her down. All they needed to be was civil for the sake of their son – nothing more, nothing less.



  1. Nice title.

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