A Hustlers Coalition ll The Hustle Continues by Bengy D. Sherman on eBooks April 21st #PassionateSpot

HustlersCoalition2Just when you thought the streets where safe..

Cin-Loc, Trill, J’Rock and Tone are the remaining original members of Fort Worth’s own Black Cartel GMB. Now that Free’s incarcerated doing a 5 year bid it’s time for the team to step to the plate and keep what they put together afloat. With his right hand man Cin-Loc at the helm in Free’s absence he quickly finds out being the HNIC isn’t all what it cracks out to be. The members of GMB soon find themselves up shit creek without a paddle. Can the team prosper in Free’s absence or will they crash in burn see what happens in Book 2 of the Hustler Coalition series.


“Oh shit, nigga! That’s it right there,” she said, throwing her ass back harder, trying to take my dick further in. I put the pound game on her, trying to put this hoe into submission; this freak wasn’t having any of that shit. Trill and Smoke looked on in awe. The coke had my dick completely numb; I couldn’t feel a goddamn thang, but I didn’t need to because I knew my magic stick was doing its thang and I was about to have this hoe in overdrive. Out of nowhere, this hoe begins bawling. This crazy bitch, but I like that shit, I thought to myself.

“Let me ride that motherfucker,” she suddenly said. I pulled out and took a seat on the lazy boy, reclining that bitch back as far as it could go. I was sweating like a slave making their way through the underground tunnel. She got on her knees and popped my dick into her mouth and my knees began to shake. Damn, baby’s head game was off the radar, I might have to keep this bitch around for a while, I thought, trying to make my dick touch the back of her throat and not one time did this bitch gag. A pro for real. She stopped sucking and my eyes popped open. I was like, “Bitch, what the fuck you doing?” and then she straddled me in a backwards position, with both knees on each arm of the lazy boy. She eased down on my dick, and I grabbed her waist for control, and every time she came down, I pushed up, meeting her in the middle.

“Damn, bitch. This some good pussy,” I said, I couldn’t deny it; the bitch had some fire. She didn’t respond and continued with the task at hand. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and with my other arm, I reached around and started to massage her clit in a curricular motion. She was crying out in ecstasy. My phone rang and diverted my head to the pocket of my jeans. I was steady bouncing her up and down on my dick when I told Smoke to see who it was.

“Cin,” said Smoke. Shit, this nigga always had a tendency to call at the most inopportune times, fuck, I thought to myself. I was now standing when I bucked Cherry off me, but she gathered herself quickly, snatching my dick and inserting it into her mouth. I could feel this volcano about to erupt.

“Say, Cin says it’s important,” Smoke said, reminding me.

“Tell that nigga to hold up a sec. I’m almost there,” I could see Smoke relay what I said back to Cin, and from the big ass grin on his face, I knew I had gotten the result that I wanted. I shot my load all down Cherry’s throat, not letting one drop escape her lips. I motioned for Trill and Smoke to finish the hoe off and them niggas was on her like a cheetah on a rabbit, “Hey, you niggas better strap up,” I warned, before snatching my cell off the coffee table, and I flopped down heavily onto the sofa still ass naked.

Pre-Order your copy here http://amzn.to/1G99lwH

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