Tamika chats with Bryshere “Yaz” Gray and Jussie Smollet of #Empire for the #PassionateSpot

It was pretty surreal to speak with Bryshere Gray aka Yaz and Jussie Smollet of Empire on yesterday for an intimate conversation and a Q & A session. Let me just say that Yaz’s voice is hella sexy and yes ladies he is single but dating. One thing about these two guys is that they have the same chemistry that they have on screen in real life, they are true brothers. They have blended with each other’s families and so much so that they finish each other’s sentences.

Empire was THE opportunity for them but they are not new to the industry. The both have their own nonprofit and community efforts they aren’t strangers to hard work. But this opportunity is like no other seeing as though; Empire has broken records no other show has ever done.

They film in Chicago because director and creator Lee Daniels feels that the actors can stay focused in a city like Chicago verses Los Angeles or New York City. They both spoke on what scenes touched them the most and for Jussie it was the first episode of baby Jamal being thrown away in a trash can. This scene actually happened to Lee Daniels as a child. For Yaz his was the elevator scene where the brothers came together and sung. I have to say these two scenes touched me the most as well.

Of course they tackled the sexuality questions and Jussie’s reply is, “its 2015 and if you’re that insecure where you cannot embrace and accept someone you just need to stay in the house and lock the door.” At 31 this is not a coming out for Jussie, he has always been openly gay.

Both of the guys are musicians and Jussie has revealed he is signed to Columbia Records but Yaz is pretty secretive about what he is doing. He states he is focused on Empire and the music that have to make and the rest will come on its own time. They also stated that a personal tour and record will more likely come next year because they are promoting the Empire album and filming of season 2 starts in June.

Jussie states that each and every person chosen for Empire has fought for their roles and work hard to bring their all to the characters. The stories and the issues are most important because it shines light on stereotypes and myths that many overlook in society.

Who will guest star on season 2 is still a mystery but Yaz and Jussie’s dream guest stars would be Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Rhianna, Madonna, and Queen Latifah. I must say these are some great prospects for next season.

They stated that the finale will be mind blowing and you don’t want to miss it. Tune in tonight at a special time of 8pm EST and watch LIVE. I will be live tweeting again under @TamikaNewhouse. Join me on the chat to win some free books from Delphine Publications.

See you tonight Emperors.

Tamika signing out………………..



  1. Jermecia says:

    Can I chat with jazz

  2. Jermecia says:

    So what is your favorite season

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