Exclusive excerpt: She Was a Friend of Mines 2: Disloyal by Jasheem Wilson #PassionateSpot

Shewasfriend3In part two of She Was a Friend of Mine, three years have passed since the disappearance of her brother and the mysterious fire, which took her family. By happenstance, Shi meets T-money, who walks her right into the center of the Bay area’s drug game. A gathering turns into a deadly takeover, when two of the most dangerous men Shi will ever meet face off. With a gun pointed to the head of the man who might know where her brother is, she gets a glimpse into the eyes of the man who killed her father. Will she get the answers she is looking for? Will she find her brother? Will she learn the truth surrounding her father’s death? Will revenge change her more than the horrors of life? In the second part to this trilogy, the drama unfolds page after page with a jaw-dropping ending.


The 2010 hard top BMW speeds over a speed bump. The hydraulic system of the car absorbed the majority of the impact, yet the body in the trunk still went airborne.

Her hands and feet were tied behind her back leaving her lying on her left side. When the car flew over the speed bump, she came down hard-with all her weight-onto her left arm. It felt like she’d been stabbed by a thousand needles because of the lack of blood flowing through her arm.

“Shit!” she cursed through clenched teeth as the dull pain shot through her shoulder.

The numb yet sharp tingling told her it was either dislocated or very little if any blood was flowing through it.   The side of her face burned from where she was hit and nearly knocked out.

As the car hummed, she wondered how long she had before the car would reach its final destination. She’d been in the trunk for what felt like hours, and willed her mind for what felt like the thousandth time away from what would happen once they reached the end of the road. Although her limbs were losing circulation, her heart was pumping fiercely as the cold sweat she broke out in soaked her shirt.

She had to escape but had no idea how. She could easily get the trunk open by pulling the emergency cord, which she believed was created for those stupid white people who accidentally locked themselves in their trunks; rather than for someone being transported in a trunk against their will. The problem was she had to get her hands free which she doubted would happen since they were numb.

She felt the car slowing and began praying it was for a stop sign. She prayed that they were stopping to pick someone up and she was conveniently forgotten, since she’d been dead silent. But she knew her luck was not that great. The car stopped, and the engine died as she heard the muffled sound of a car door open.

“Fuck!” she mumbled as the beep which accompanies an open car door met her ears.

The door slammed, and she felt the sharp sting in her eyes, but she refused to cry.

Bastard she thought as her throat became dry and cold.

She began hearing voices and then the sound of a key sliding into the trunk. Her mind was wondering who he was talking to. Half his crew was in prison and the other half on the run. She guessed he’d known lots of people, so it could be anyone.

She’d bet her freedom she knew the person. She was thinking of a way out as she stared at the trunk as the key turned and the trunk popped.

Depending on whom it was she might be able to rouse a little sympathy, though she doubted it.

Her heart seem to be somewhere in her throat as the night air assaulted her body and senses. The cold air stung her lungs as the trunk opened.

And if the air didn’t freeze, her what she saw did…

Get your copy at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U05YK9C


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