Excerpt: The Illest Na Na (season one) in stores Feb 10th #PassionateSpot


The first ever drama series filled with more sex, drama, scandals, and shocking twists that will have you on the edge of your seat. Leading ladies, Brianna and Natalie are the best of friends. Both deal with similar issues and they both desire a man who isn’t theirs. Fighting to win in and out of the court room these rising lawyers are in it, to win it. The Illest Na Na season one brings in over a dozen characters who somehow get mixed up in a game of tit for tat. No ones heart is safe when the Na Na comes into play.

Chapter 1


I checked my watch again and wondered what was keeping Vince. He was twenty minutes late and I was starting to get antsy. It wasn’t often that I had the chance to meet with him, so I wondered why he hadn’t made it on time. “Okay, Vince,” I said, peering at the clock, “we have forty minutes left. I have to be home on time today.”

I stood and went over to my window and undid my jacket. Even though I couldn’t make out the faces of the men on the street walking by my building, I peered out in hopes I’d catch a glimpse of him walking in. “Calm down, Bre,” I said to myself. “You’re not dick-deprived.” I laughed. I wasn’t aching for sex, because I had it on a regular with Vic, Vince’s younger brother. But he wasn’t Vince, and he didn’t come close to putting it on me the way Vince put it on me. I was hot and ready for Vince to do my body right.

Yes, I was caught up on another man. Yes, that other man was my man’s brother, but from the moment I met him, I wanted him. I tried to ignore his advances—and trust, I wanted to resist his charming ways—but I quickly gave in.

It was wrong, but it was my balance. Yes, my balance, my scale. Vic was successful, hardworking, and family-oriented. Vince was a freelance writer who dabbled in music and had no long-term goals, with a magic tongue and a mouthwatering dick. He colored outside of the lines, and that was the passion that Vic lacked.

Vic made sure the mortgage was paid and the monthly expenses were taken care of, but he didn’t have that sexiness or that swagger Vince had, and I hated I was in love with him. I hated I wanted to call out Vince’s name when I did have a decent night of sex with Vic, and I hated Vic wasn’t enough to make me an honest gal.

“Brianna, your four o’clock is here.” My receptionist interrupted my thoughts.

I went over to my desk and hit the speaker button on the phone. “I’m ready, please send him in.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Seconds later, he walked in. “You’re late,” I said and then sat on my desk.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I had a client and she was a bit long-winded.”

“Really? Were you two talking or fucking, Vince?” I shot.

“Bre, baby… Why would you ask me something like that?”

I unbuttoned my blouse. “Because I know you.”

He locked my office door. “You think you know me, but I see after all this time, you don’t.”

“I do, and I know I’m not the only woman you are fucking.”

He walked over to me and caressed my face before he replied. He looked me in my eyes and I wanted him to say the words you are, but I knew that would be too much like Brianna’s way.

“I’m fucking because you’re fucking. If you tell him and leave, I’ll stop fucking other women.”

I shook my head. “Vince, you know I’m not where I wanna be.”

He kissed my neck and undid my bra. He pushed my suit jacket and blouse down from my shoulders and removed my bra before he replied. “That is what your mouth says, Brianna, but I know you love the best of both worlds.”

He was wrong, and I disputed it. I didn’t like being with Vic, I just wish Vince had what his younger brother had. “I don’t. I can’t hurt him, and you know you are not ready to pick up the responsibility of taking care of me.”

“I am, but things won’t be the same. If you love me the way you say you do, you’d walk away. And be happy with what I can offer you.”

I sighed and looked down. “I wanted to fuck, not talk.”

“Are you ready to walk away? I can deal with Vic because I love you Bre. I’m only going along with this bullshit because of you. I want to tell him.”

“No!” I said quickly. “I will soon,” I lied. “Just fuck me, baby. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I just want to feel your dick deep inside of my pussy.”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, baby, no doubt,” he said and undressed. He relaxed on the sofa and I got on my knees in front of him. I teased his head like he liked it and then gave him a deep throat session. I tried to suck him until he came, but he wanted to return the favor.

After he lay back onto the sofa, I straddled his face and he licked my clit and sucked on my pussy until my body released its orgasmic pool of juices. I moved slowly from his mouth, rubbing my wetness down his chest and stomach until I reached his erection. It slid easily inside of my soaking wet core.

I rode him, bouncing up and down on his dick, and he slapped my ass cheeks. After a pleasure ride, he flipped me over, I spread my legs wide for him, and he pushed inside.

“Awwwww, Vince, baby, your dick is so good,” I moaned. I licked my fingers and rubbed my clit in a circular motion while he pumped my pussy to another explosion. When I came, he pulled out and moved up over me and I welcomed him back into my mouth. He groaned and moaned and played with my hair until he squirted his hot essence on my tits. I rubbed it in like I normally did, and we both collapsed on the sofa. I lay in his arms and closed my eyes.

Breaking the silence, he said, “Baby, we need to tell him.”

I lifted my head from his chest. “We can’t.” I held up my thumb and forefinger, leaving a small space between them. “Baby, I am this close to becoming partner, and I can’t leave him until then.”

“I know, Bre, and that is all the more reason we should tell him now. I mean, Vic and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but it’s been two years since I’ve been messing with you. I’m tired of hiding our relationship. I’m tired of the sneaking around.”

“Baby, I know.” I sat up. “Do you think I enjoy this? Do you think I like fucking you in my office, or looking over my shoulder when I come to your place? The fact we can’t do shit out in the open is fucking killing me. I love you, baby, but it’s not the right time. I’m begging you to give me more time,” I pleaded.

I could see the frustration on his face and the hurt in his eyes. I didn’t want to be the dictator of our affair, but I had things to do and goals to accomplish, and I needed Vic to handle my lavish lifestyle until I could do it on my own. I loved Vince, I did. He was the man of my dreams, but his bank account didn’t run close to his sexiness.

Being over six feet tall and honey-complexioned with sexy brown eyes was just the tip of his fineness. His shoulders and chest were perfection and his abs were sculpted like a god. Simply seeing him naked made me cream. I just wished he had the finances Vic had.

Victor, known as Vic, was a self-made millionaire. He started his own landscaping company at a very young age and now, at twenty-eight, could retire. He was tall, yes, and he favored Vince in a lot of ways, but he was nowhere near fit. He wasn’t flabby at all, but I didn’t enjoy seeing him naked. The sex was okay and sometimes even good, but I wasn’t into him. I was at the point where I was rolling my eyes in the dark or I had to be loaded with vodka to participate.

I gave him head because it usually got me a special gift like a handbag, shoes, or a spa day, but it was never because I truly wanted to. Vic didn’t repulse me, but I loved Vince, so it didn’t matter what Vic did, he just didn’t turn me on.

Vince was that take-me-away kind of guy. The bite-my-nipples kind of guy, but he didn’t have that paper. Yes, that almighty dollar. He was the beau you’d love to show up to a restaurant or club with, but you had to make sure you had your bank card, because he wasn’t paying.

He didn’t borrow, nor did he ask for anything, but he never offered up shit either.

Two years ago, when our affair started, I had no idea we’d fall this deep. When Vic introduced us, I smiled, shook his hand, and then noticed him watching me for the rest of the evening. Somehow, he was waiting for the bathroom when I was coming out and he pushed me back in.

“If I’m out of line, just leave and pretend this never happened,” he said.

I stood there, nervous but attracted. “What about Vic?” was all I could say.

He hoisted me onto the vanity. “I won’t tell,” he said and kissed me.

I let him. I opened my legs and let him play with my pussy. Just as he made his way to my tank and pushed my straps down, someone knocked.

“I’ll be awhile,” Vince yelled.

“Bro, is that you?” Vic’s voice asked.

“Yeah, and Aunt Wanda’s beans are brutal.”

“I’ll use the one downstairs,” Vic said.

Vince waited ten seconds or so and then went to my tits. My heart was pumping out of my chest.

“We should go,” I whispered.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“This is not the time or place.”

“Okay, can you come and see me tonight?”


“Yes, tonight,” he said.

I pulled up my tank straps. “Yes,” I agreed. He gave me a final kiss and told me to hurry out first. Later, he slipped me his number. After I lied and told Vic I was going to meet my girl Tamar for a couple drinks, I headed to my car.

I called and he gave me his address. When I arrived, we got right to it. That one night turned me into a two-timer, and I’ve been two-timing my man with his brother ever since.

“I know you don’t enjoy sneaking around, Brianna, but if I mean anything to you, you’d give up some of the luxuries you have with him and be with me.” Vince got up and began to dress.

I was speechless. I wished I was able to say okay, but I had a fetish for nice things.

“Vince, baby, please, don’t leave angry.”

“I’m not angry, Bre, I’m tired.”

I said nothing else as I watched him dress. I lay there naked and he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my head.

“I love you, baby,” he said.

“I love you too,” I replied.

“I will see you later,” he said and exited my office.

I sat up and took a couple deep breaths before getting up. I had dried-up semen on my breast and stomach, so I went into my little powder room in my office and took a quick ho’s bath. I freshened up my makeup, combed my hair, dressed, and headed home.

When I walked in, I was shocked when all of our friends yelled, “Surprise!” My birthday was two days prior, so I was blown away by my surprise party. When I laid eyes on Vince, he smiled. I wanted to give him the finger for not alerting me. Before the party ended, Vic decided to reveal my gift in front of all our guests.

When he pulled out a five-carat ring and went down on one knee, everyone applauded.

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

I wanted to run, but the word yes jumped out of my mouth instead. He slid the ring on my finger and picked me up in a hug and I saw Vince, the love of my life, exit the room.

Damn! What the fuck did I just do?

Purchase here http://amzn.to/1wxUfGL


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