Event: “Goddesses: Loving Yourself First” Women’s Empowerment Mixer & Social Party #PassionateSpot

goddess flyer

Come join us for our 2nd annual women’s empowerment affair. This is the social party event of the year you don’t want to miss. We are here to encourage, inspire, and motivate women in building up and improving self confidence to your best life now.

Want to gain financial freedom? Get inspired or gain knowledge to creating or maintaining your own business? Want fashion advice or learn how to gain personal growth? We have all  the answers you are looking for plus more. Nothing is off limits. We will talk about everything and it’s time to put your needs first. Get inspired to making it a priority by loving yourself first through actions. This is your opportunity to finally live your life the way you want it.

Join us for a special panel discussion with key guest speakers, meet & greet, music, vendors on site, and gift giveaways (first come, first serve only). For more information, please visit www.phenolot.com.

Special guest speakers include:

  • Francesca Cange- Founder of digital lifestyle guide, PhenoLot
  • Tamika Newhouse- Author of “The Words I Didn’t Say”
  • Carrie Pink- Financial stylist of Carrie Pink
  • Tiffany Rhodes- Fashion designer of Butch Diva
  • Marsha Barnes- Financial educator of the Finance Bar
For press and/or media coverage, please contact Yves Henry at info@phenolot.com with “PRESS/MEDIA” on the subject line.
For sponsorships, partnerships or vendors, please visit http://www.phenolot.com or send email to pheno.info@gmail.com.

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