Tamika Newhouse reflects on her humble beginnings #PassionateSpot

That was then, circa 2009

I remember that moment when I gassed up my PT cruiser and hit the road for 30 days in the pursuit to promote my latest book, Kisses Don’t Lie. I drove from Texas to New York City by myself. I had a trunk and a back seat full of books and I just knew that I was about to do it big. I was hungry. I was motivated and I didn’t care that I was spending my last dime to live out my dream. And I did spend my last dime. I ran out of money on the road that I literally stood on the corner in Harlem to sell books just so that I could pay the toll to get out of the city. And some how I made enough to drive into Maryland where i slept in a friends basement. Just to wake up and hustle in DC. My grind was so real back then. My hunger was aggressive. Eight years later the hunger is becoming unbearable as I step into new arenas of my career. It’s like I am stepping back into that PT cruiser and hitting the road all over again. The grind never stops #24HourHustle

This is now, circa 2014



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