***Cover Reveal*** ‪#‎PurpleTears‬ Coming February 3, 2015 from Khara Campbell #PassionateSpot


***Cover Reveal***
‪#‎PurpleTears‬ Coming February 3, 2015 from Khara Campbell

Can the truth really set you free?

June realized she couldn’t die without telling her daughters Purple and Gina the truth, a secret she had hidden away from everyone for thirty years. The enormity of the secret pained her more than the cancer that had overtaken her weak body. Purple however, took the news especially hard since it was about her and her existence.
With the death of her mother and the struggle to come to grips with her mother’s secret, Purple feels like her life has turned completely upside down. She’s lost. Gina steps in to be the voice of reason that Purple now needs. Logan, Purple’s boyfriend stays faithfully by her side, trying to help her heal. He so desperately wants her to be his wife – but now just isn’t the time and she keeps pushing the idea of marriage away because of her now complicated life. Purple throws her faith in God on the back burner, the need for sex, alcohol and her resentment toward God soothes her as she decides if she wants to find her rapist father.



  1. Very well designed cover, and the intro to the story makes it very intriguing. Very well done.

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