Exclusive Excerpt from Disloyal I in stores Dec 4th from D. Mann #PassionateSpot

TAMIKA_DISLOYAL (1)smallMenace wants to abandon the street life of hustling but being a black man with a violent criminal record finds his goal unachievable by legal means. He feels forced to venture deeper into the underworld to discover that accumulating riches comes with a heavy price of betrayal, deceit and often murder. Menace struggles within himself to find the right path while traveling the wrong roads. Everything he has dreamed of is threatened when a chain of events bring a new direction to his life. Now escaping the evil streets of Los Angeles with his soon to be family may not be as easy as he first thought.


The group of men and women were laughing when they exited the truck as if someone had just told the funniest joke. They were carrying numerous bags when they stepped onto the front porch. The sounds of laughter filled the night air as one of the men continued to tell jokes. They were oblivious to the attackers fast approaching the sidewalk with weapons pointed.

“Hey Cuzz,” Shady called to the group of men and women.

Yvette was the first one to look back, petrified…her bags dropped to the ground. The entire group looked as if they had seen ghost, they were all scared stiff. They never had a chance to release the terrified screams from their mouths before they heard the rat-tat-tat-tat-tat of the Ak-47 that Menace had drawn on them. Shady squeezed the trigger of the Tec-9 and together their weapons sang a melody of death that Mozart couldn’t compose. The smoke and fire from the weapons illuminated the scene similar to sparklers on a Fourth of July night.

The group was engulfed in a hail of bullets. Clothes, shoes, boxes, bags and bodies were painted red with blood as the bullets ripped apart everything in their path. Pieces of flesh, tissue and blood were incorporated onto the exterior of the house. Bits of bags and pieces of paper drifted back towards the ground slow as falling snowflakes.

The house was reminiscent of war torn Iraq when Menace released the trigger of the AK-47. The front windows were gone. Holes and splintered wood decorated the entire front of the house, bodies lay mangled and disfigured on the front porch. They could see smoke rising from the lifeless remains. Menace and Shady were sure that everyone was deceased.

Shady made a quick inspection of the bodies; Black and Dimes were absolutely dead. Their bodies were missing large pieces of flesh from their torsos and faces. He looked at Yvette’s body and squeezed the trigger of the Tec-9 one more time. The shell entered into the forehead of her lying corpse. Menace and Shady walked away from the scene.

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