Exclusive scene from A Hustlaz Dream on eBooks on Tuesday Jul 22nd #PassionateSpot

9780996084475For some, when money is the motivation, the motto is to get it by any means necessary. When love is the motivation, some will fight to maintain their position at the #1 spot. Journey with Zeh’Shown while he walks and squawks the maze of his concrete jungle in search of the culprit who tired to shake the foundation of his empire. With all the toes he’d stepped on to achieve his status, there were a number of those who welcomed his demise. Frustration sets in when his search yields no results. All the while, the person causing all the turmoil was a part of his inner circle. This is a Hustlaz Drama.

Exclusive scene:

Seeing Jai’Myiah’s pursuit in her direction with the pistol aimed directly at her and the beam dancing over her body, Omari’s one big eye got as big as a silver dollar. She crawled backwards until the metal fence allowed her to move no further. Jai’Myiah bent down to her level, placed the gun to her temple and whispered in her ear.

“Look at all this shit you brought on yourself. Dumb bitch, you should’ve known from the gate that when I entered the game shit was getting shut down, there was no longer any competition. You should have just fallen back and played your position, it would never have come to this. I’m your superior bitch, if you would’ve just recognized and humbly bowed down you could’ve still had the nigga on occasion, but you chose this. Any last words? I’ll give you a minute to say your prayers.”
“Fuck you bitch, I’ll see you in hell,” were Omari’s words before Jai’Myiah put two in her chest and one in her stomach.


IMG_20140118_122116Meet the author:

Jasmin Johnston, born and raised in the Bay Area, grew up on the streets of East Oakland were crime was very apparent. Refusing to become a product of her environment,  she fought to turn the negatives into positives and began pursuing her dream of sharing her encounters with the world. At the age of 21 while fulfilling a debt to society, she documented her life’s experiences which resulted in her first book, ‘A Hustlaz Drama. Currently residing in Vallejo,  Jasmin continues to allow the pen to tell her stories.

Find her online at:

Instagram @JasminJohnston85

Twitter @AuthorJasmin


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