I’m sprung already? How do I not get caught up in a new love? #RelationshipChatter #PassionateSpot



Relationship Chatter is something I launched two years ago when so many people asked me questions about my characters. How do you come up with them? Have you ever experienced this? And to be truthful I have witnessed or felt a lot of the emotions my characters have.


I want to talk about how do you not get so caught up in a new love?


It takes a lot for me personally to get on a level of I want to date you and seriously get to know you. Not everyone is capable of getting to know the core of me simply because one can be choosey. But when you so happen to find something that seems to be one in a million how do you find a balance of I like you and I want you to know but I don’t want to smother you either?


In the process of getting to know someone you have the dates, the late night phone calls, the Q&A sessions, and the googlely eyes, and the constant kissing and touching, and then the feel of a new sex. All these things become a distraction. The newness of it all makes you feel some type of high. This is before you really get to know someone. Because people aren’t perfect and in the beginning they are just that; perfect. So how do you make sure you stay focused on work, continue to exercise and take care of you, spend time with your friends or kids, and most importantly stay spiritually strong? How do you not get so caught up and suddenly many things go neglected? Here is what some had to say? Comment and let us know how you deal with it.


Jamie Dossie from Chicago said, “Well for me I busy myself with other things. Make him the last thing on the list. Especially if my heart is still with an old love.”


Kiera J. Northington from Marietta said, “You take your time, be patient. Too many people rush in head first like love has an expiration date, or time limit. Remember that even in love, you still need time for loving yourself!”


Gloria Lynn Few from Atlanta said, “One way (I don’t recommend it) is to keep a ‘cut buddy’ on speed dial. It has to be a good one though.”


Tiss Devane of Chicago said, “Just breathe and enjoy the journey of getting to know someone, cause it is a journey….one that could go either way.”


Allison Grace of New York said, “Love you first.”


Fiero Heard of Athens said, “Limit the time you spend together…limit communication period….and mostly date others/keep your options open. If you’re always available for him….you’re gonna start wanting more.”


Shanta Gray Ursery of Forest City, AR said,  “Don’t give them your all. For women treat the man the way they have been treating women for years. It’s ok to have fun just don’t slip up and catch feelings.”

What’s your advice?




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