Getting to Know D Mann one of Delphine Publications New Authors #PassionateSpot


Interview with D Mann

Please Introduce yourself to the readers….

Hi I’m D Mann, Author of the “Disloyal” series. Most of my friends and associates call me “Dee.” I’m a writer from South Central Los Angeles who has paid the price for living the fast lifestyle that many indulge in now. I like painting my own portrait of black life as I have witnessed it, in its rawest and purest forms to readers everywhere. Even though I write fiction I want the reader to feel the realism of it so I keep my stories grounded in enough reality that the reader says “you know what, I would have done that too” or “that’s what I would have said.” Using the power of words to entertain the minds of many while leaving the reader giddy and wanting more. Not only is it a great feeling, its self rewarding.

What is your style of writing, and the genre do you write in?

I’m not sure if I would classify myself as a specific kind of writer. Truthfully I have never given much thought to the subject. If I was forced to create a self description of my self as a writer in general, I would choose the phrase “no holds barred” because when I create it will always be as gritty and grimy as the culture that I’m writing about. I’m sure readers will find an arena to throw me in to and I’m cool with that.

What made you sign with Delphine Publications?

Good reputation and strong leadership FORCED me to sign with Delphine Publications. Logic would not allow me to venture any further or anywhere else. I was very impressed the sister Tamika Newhouse and what she has made of the company that she started as a young woman. I saw a bright future with Delphine and I love the winner’s circle as much as anybody else so it was a perfect fit for me.

How does it feel to be a published Author with Delphine Publication?
They’re great!!! (in my Tony the Tiger’s voice) but I mean that seriously. I am happy to be a published Author with Deplhine, it feels like good ole’ southern hospitality to me, the way it should feel in business or at home. I would like to Thank the review team at Delphine for liking my work and forwarding it to Ms. Tamika Newhouse in the first place and a special thanks to Ms. Tamika Newhouse for having me.

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