Tamika Newhouse releases new novel based on her character Denim Overton from The Ultimate No-No June 24th #PassionateSpot

1922352_10152289261720485_1874872690_nI had been on this mission to redeem the tears he made me shed for years now. But how do you go and undo the tears you have already shed? They may have dried and evaporated but the scarring is still there. I didn’t know how I was going to do that but I knew one thing….no one was going to get to know the core of me any time soon. I took on the journey of a shielded soul. My shield was pretty good too.


Then one day I began to think about one of my most notorious characters I have ever written about, Denim Overton. Initially introduced to my fans in 2009 in my debut novel the Ultimate No-No I have gone on to have him placed in several of my titles such as The Ultimate Moment No Regrets, Will Love Ever Know Me, The Ultimate No-No 4, He’s My Favorite Mistake, and just recently in Trust No Nigga.


I began to think on why he was such a whoremonger, shielded, a playa of some sorts, and a man who just never fell in love. It was because he had a broken heart. He had loved once and it was the worst ending. And because of that he vowed to never love again. Sounds familiar right? Sounds like myself and millions of others who have had a broken heart.


And so I decided to give Denim his own story. On June 24th I will release my 11th novel, The Words I Didn’t Say, a story of love, heartbreak and how we often get in our own way of happiness. My classic style of writing is blended with my soul that had lost love. My fingertips cried with each word that I typed. This is truly the BEST story I ever told.


Save the date my lovelies because the greatest love story ever told by yours truly is about to make its debut!


The Words I Didn’t Say in store June 24th




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