New P**Y tends to trump love and commitment, did you know that? #PassionateSpot

1111111I am no relationship expert by far but I have dibbled and dabbled in the dating game to get a few perspectives. I was sitting here in Starbucks drinking my latte listening to Kelly Price’s 90s hit “It Will Rain” and after a long discussion on the previous day about relationship I came up with a conclusion. New P**Y is a hot commodity. Did you know that in a lot of cases New P**Y will be valued more than anything else?


Let me explain my discovery of this. It’s no secret that men and women think totally different and that we will never truly understand each other fully. But I would like for you to look at any common case of cheating. Men have many opportunities to cheat not because they want to but because they can. New P**Y is made easy these days simply because many women of today make it easy. For example you send x rated images of yourself to strangers on social media, a guy can ask you out via text verses picking up the phone, you give up the cookie early on, you don’t demand things that you want, and the committed man becomes the most attractive. The last one is crazy right? Women should praise a man for being faithful to a woman however that very trait is attractive and a single woman will want that for themselves. So in turn they seduce or chase the faithful committed man. Thus they are making his journey to do right more complicated.


Take another example of a man that won’t commit. Usually a man’s main reason for not wanting to commit is because of the New P**Y he will miss out on. So I began to wonder when did new and random p**y become a high value? When did it become more important than having a faithful woman, a Queen to be by your side, stability, a growing family, genuine love and support? How did New P**Y trump everything that the ideal family should be? When did New P**Y became the one thing men can’t give up?


In closing I think people tend to look at what they will be giving up when it comes to committing to another verses the things that they will gain. Why must the negativity be the first to review in a decision to be with another or not? How can the positivity be chosen first? How can loyalty trump New P**Y? I don’t know, do you?


I guess I will just go back to my latte and wonder myself too. Until next time folks xoxoxo………


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