100 random things about Tamika #PassionateSpot

I was inspired by a friend to follow in their footsteps and throw out random things about myself. I had never thought to define IMG_20140208_180934myself by a list and thought that it would be cool to see what comes out. I was tickled a little at the random facts about me and was able to reflect on others. Although this is not even close to getting an idea of who Tamika really is its a start. Take a peek

  1. I was born June 3
  2. My middle name is Latoya after Latoya Jackson
  3. I am from Fort Worth raised by a single mother
  4. I went to church five times a week growing up
  5. Although I grew up in a strict Christian home I strayed by the time I was fourteen
  6. I finally started going back to church at 26
  7. I became a mother of two kids by the time I was 20
  8. I never lived with my Dad
  9. I wrote my first novel when I was 12
  10. I dance off beat almost every time
  11. I call myself a hoot because I declare to be the life of the party
  12. However I do not party and hate going out
  13. I also hate shopping. I don’t go unless I know what I want
  14. I named my daughter after a bottle of water
  15. I fell in love for the first time when I was 15
  16. Though I’ve only loved twice in my life time
  17. I have never been arrested
  18. And I am very disrespectful to police simply because I have never been arrested lol
  19. I greet almost every one with howdy
  20. I am from Texas so I can take the heat and the cold
  21. I don’t really listen to the radio. I love music you would rarely hear on the radio
  22. My favorite musicians are Eric Roberson, Hil St. Soul, Emeli Sande, and Adele
  23. I can listen to blues, jazz, soul, rock, country, pop, and rnb. I listen to many types of music
  24. I use to be a poet and just recently performed some in public
  25. I lost my mother when I was 20
  26. Because I had to grow up quickly I tend to be very immature (but in a fun way)
  27. I experienced a broken heart at an early age so sometimes I can be very guarded
  28. I had one friend in high school and one in my adult life.
  29. I am anti-social
  30. I love to sing all day every day even though I sing horribly
  31. Everyone complains about my singing but it makes them laugh and smile. So it’s a win win
  32. I love my smile
  33. I love how dark my skin is.
  34. I grew up hating my skin tone because I was once teased about it
  35. I am not a phone person. I hate long conversations unless I really care about you
  36. I haven’t checked a voicemail in over three years
  37. I grew up with one sister and two brothers but as years passed I discovered my dad had many other kids
  38. I have over one hundred cousins
  39. I want to jump out of a plane one day
  40. I however have bungee jumped before
  41. I want to go to Dubai for my 30th birthday. A gift to myself
  42. I can listen to Luther Vandross any time any day
  43. My favorite season is the Fall
  44. I decorate my house in Harvest theme once September hits
  45. My favorite color is red however I prefer to wear black on most occasions
  46. I am a romantic. I love treating a guy out to dinner and paying for the bill just so he can be treated some times
  47. I am not a comedian but 90% of the time I am making someone laugh
  48. I am brutally honest even when you don’t want me to be
  49. I hate hiding the truth so I just tell on myself
  50. I don’t want to have any more kids however I always have baby fever
  51. I can be a fun date but a horrible date at the same time simply because I have bad manners
  52. I am loud at the movies and lack good table etiquette
  53. However my bad manners adds to my charm and no one tends to mind them
  54. I moved away from my home town at 18 and never moved back
  55. I go back home simply to just say hi not because I miss it
  56. It took me seven years to visit my mother’s grave
  57. When I was a kid a man prophesied over me at church stating that I would grow up to be famous
  58. I did grow up to be a popular novelist though
  59. Is that fame, well some will say so. I say it’s just me being me
  60. I am very modest I hate the limelight even though I love attention
  61. I am almost always misjudged.
  62. I can’t hide my emotions. It always shows on my face.
  63. Because of this fact you will know if I do not like you
  64. Growing up I had a crush on Urkel. Don’t judge me
  65. Nowadays I will tell a guy if I like him and ask for his number simply because I hate waiting
  66. I am a very impatient person. I tend to just do everything myself
  67. I drove my car that I bought at 18 until I was 25. Even after I became successful with my books. It still ran so I kept it.
  68. I am not materialistic. I actually despise labels and spending too much on clothes I will only wear a few times anyway
  69. I have no sense of style. If it fits I wear it
  70. I still have clothes from ten years ago in my drawers
  71. I have multiple personalities, one of them I call Remy. She’s feisty
  72. I am a daredevil. I will try almost anything once
  73. I only go to church once a week. But I talk to God daily
  74. I use to write music as a child, even made a band out of my sister and cousins
  75. I use to bite my nails as a kid even to the point where I ate off my flesh. Yuck!
  76. I am a true foody. I am always eating and I am always hungry
  77. I have a strong southern tongue and often times mispronounce words.
  78. I didn’t fall in love with reading until I became an adult and I hate that I was a late bloomer
  79. I wish I had a bigger booty but hey we can’t have it all 😛
  80. I had very long hair growing up. It flowed down my back at its longest
  81. I got my first tattoo at 27
  82. The same time I got my first tattoo I got a second one
  83. I didn’t cry when I got my tattoo although I was close to it
  84. I use to watch about 8 hours of TV daily up until a couple years ago. Now it’s about 8 hours a week
  85. My favorite movie is Love and Basketball
  86. My favorite pick up line told to me “I want to be your love jones guy.”
  87. I had the best kiss of my life at 27 and he wasn’t even my boyfriend
  88. I have dedicated some of my works to one of my ex’s even after we broke up
  89. I communicate with almost every guy I have dated, simply because they can’t let go lol
  90. But seriously I tend to be a great friend to my ex’s after the fact
  91. I never say I love you if I don’t mean it.
  92. If I let you drive my car then that means I trust you
  93. I am stingy and can be selfish at times
  94. But I am the most giving and can be a great listener
  95. I am only mushy and lovey dovey to the guy I am with. I rarely express affection to anyone
  96. Publically I do not place my relationships on display simply because I treasure love.
  97. I always pay my bills first before I go splurge. I’ve always been that way
  98. My favorite food is catfish
  99. I love basketball and it’s pretty much the only sport I understand
  100. I believe in fate


  1. I love this list. You have inspired me to see if I can do it. I think I may be afraid of what I will discover but will do anyway! Damita

  2. yay it was refreshing lol

  3. Tammy Williams says:

    I am also going to do this. I hope who I share this with will be inspired to also try it.

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