Exclusive Excerpt: #DoubleBack by Jamie Dossie part 1 in a series #PassionateSpot


Part 1 in a series…..

Jasmine was the one he really wanted but couldn’t seem to get it. He thought if he had money and nice clothes that he would surely win her over, knowing that none of that impressed her had him floored. That’s why he fell in love with Jasmine, knowing he needed more to get her was something he had never experienced with the other girls. Jasmine made him work. He took her to parties on the weekends, bought her jewelry pretty much whatever else he thought she wanted. Jasmine never asked for anything, he always offered, sometimes she would accept and others she wouldn’t.

Occasionally Jas and her best friends would walk the blocks looking to be seen but she never fell prey to any of the trouble her friends got into. At twelve and thirteen most of them were already having sex with boys older than they were. Goldie had even slept with a few of them. Some of the girls were into drinking and smoking weed and the ones who thought that they were good girls opted to suck dick instead of having sex.

Jasmine and Goldie had a few stolen moments of passion, a kiss here or a kiss there, she almost went all the way with him a few times but Goldie always stopped her. In his eyes, she would always be a good girl, and as he loved her, he knew he wasn’t the kind of young man she needed in her life. He couldn’t hurt or treat her he way he treated other females. Jasmine was his one true love, when he got his life together, he knew he was going to be hers.

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    Can I use this in our new release section Tamika? http://www.urbangrapevinemag.com?

  2. yes maam you sure can 🙂

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