Poetry: “Sweets” by Tamika Newhouse

Do you want me to cum?1531995_1495843733974139_242503821_n

Do you want me to feed you Her?

I close my eyes and imagine him there. Starring and admiring that black circle of life. Sweets.

Expanding and contracting in and out taking in his very scent. Ohhhhh My warrior. Feel free to rise.

Tickling my desire with the mount of his tool. Bracing myself for impact I breath in. I breath out. I breathe in. I breath out.

Imagine a man so perfect for Sweets that she only reacts to him. Imagine how only His touch can send Her high. Higher than any physical high this world could give. It is not of this world. He is not of this world. He is for her. She is for him. Mmmmmmmmmm my warrior.

Let me rewind my thoughts. I call him King. Because he rules over Her. Who is Her? (laugh) Only my black circle of life. He calls her sweets. I am his and He is mines.

I can feel him, strong and long, and taking control of me. He is my warrior, my desire, my ecstasy filling me up and satisfying every oooooo and ahhhhh. I move up and down. Up and down and finally come to a stop. And as a thank you Sweets squeezes her warrior tightly and seals it with a kiss.

Hey King!

Copyright 2014 by Tamika Newhouse


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