Exclusive excerpt: Forbidden by Saundra #PassionateSpot


TAMIKA_FORBIDDENAfter having my coffee I gathered myself and prepared to leave the hotel. Once outside in the parking lot I do a double take when I think I see Robert’s Maybach and his driver standing beside it. My assumption turns into a fact as his driver opens the rear door and Robert steps out. Since they are parked right next to my car I have no choice but to proceed. I keep my eyes on him as he slowly walks towards me. Spit flies out of my mouth when I address him. “What are you doing here?” I yell not caring who is around. “Are you stalking me now?”

“No need to stalk you. You used one of credit cards that I provide for you. Remember?”

I glance around to see if anyone is watching. I turn back to around to him. “Look Robert, it’s over so just stay away from me, ok.” The words come out clearly through my tightly clinched teeth.

Out of know where he lets out this gut wrenching laugh. Startled I took a step back thinking he might grab me again. But suddenly the laughing stopped. He looked at me real calmly as he closed the gap that was separating us. “It don’t work like that sweetheart… you just don’t get rid of me when you want.” He stops talking then stares at me, not once did he blink. “Besides I love you.”


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