#Inevitable by Johnie in stores December 3rd




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  2. I cannot figure out how to leave a reply in direct response to your publication regarding the Statute of Liberty. While your facts are largely correct, the message you intend to communicate may likely be diminished by an apparent failure to have you draft proofread before publication. Most glaringly, you use “American’s” (possessive), where you undeniably meant “Americans” (plural). By failing to proofread for such blatant errors, you run the risk of having a largely factual memorandum being viewed as merely a piece authored without knowledge (which may be fostered as a result of someone having a “black sounding” name). I do not mean that to come across as being intolerant. Indeed, it is the opposite, however, you must be mindful of your target audience, which appears to be educated people. If that is the case, you cannot leave such blatant grammatical errors.

    Please do not let your valued opnions be diminished by inexcusable oversight.

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