Exclusive Read: Excerpt from #Inevitable Act l by #JohnieJay

inevitableFlashbacks of the mystery guy staring at me popped up in my head.  I wish He were here with me right now, drinking, so I could steal the sweetness off of his palate with my mouth.  As I closed my eyes and sank further into the bubbles, I realized what the lady in the Calgon commercial must have felt like.

He looked so intense sitting in the tub in front of me with his legs on the outside of mine.  He looked as if lathering his hands with the bar of soap was his profession.  The suds dripped down his forearms and plopped into the water as he placed the soap back into its holder.

“Come here baby,” he said to me while beckoning with his head for me to scoot closer between his legs.  I grabbed my glass of wine again.  This sip was so much better than the last.  I was caught off guard by the his sudden cool slippery grasping of my breast.  Oh my.  Although his hands were large and strong, it barely felt like he was applying pressure.   Then he sternly grabbed them and kneaded them with his palms.

Yeah!  He definitely had to be a professional breast masseur.  There was no other explanation for this guy squeezing my twins so good that it gave my asshole contractions.  Mmm. I want to feel him there, too.  Maybe with his finger, possibly with his dick, but definitely with his tongue.

He went from massaging both breasts to concentrating on my left one, the fuller and more sensitive of the two.  “How does that feel baby?”  His baritone voice bounced off of the bathroom walls in acoustical surround sound.

“Mmmmm, it feels so good baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I replied.

My pussy was now the Euphrates, the Tigris, the Nile and all the other rivers that I was too horny to remember. I was leaking with no end in sight.  I smelled my nectar as it swirled and mixed with the aromas of the candles and the bath salts.  I was now drunk off ecstasy.

His thick dick peeked out of the water and suds.  It looked so tasty.  I cupped it with both of my feet and gently stroked it up and down, feeling his pulse.

“Angel, just being around you always makes my dick so hard.”

I giggled and replied, “I see, and just to warn you, you better stop talking in that deep, seductive ass voice or we’re going to be bathing in my juices instead of this water.”  He told me that he liked the sound of that.  He’s so freaky.

After rinsing my breasts squeaky clean, he began massaging them again, this time with his tongue.  Those full lips wrapped around me like a newborn baby.  My nipples were so hard, so sensitive.  I loved the way he flicked his tongue.

Tonight my nipples and my clit were related.  They were sisters, identical twins, feeling the exact pleasure that the other was feeling.  Although he was licking my nipples, it felt like he was licking my clit.  My hips had a mind of their own and began shaking and going into short spasms.  I felt my orgasm building up fast as if it was a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain.  Mmmmmmm.  Almost there.  Feels so good right before I cum.  My breaths were getting short, body started to pop and tick like a break dancer.

I grabbed the back of his neck, “Ooouuu, don’t stop, suck’em harder baby, harder, harder.  Oh yeah!  Here it comes.”  My volcano had taken all that it could.  It was time to let go of all  of this hot steamy lava.  I started to buck like a bull, “Baby…ba…beeee…I’m…I’m cuummmminnn, ouuu God, I’m cu… sooooo harrrddd!”

My body felt so good, so relaxed, and so limp.  Felt like a noodle.

I looked at him.  He smiled.  I blushed, embarrassed by how his face was now covered with water that I splattered on him during my eruption.  This guy accomplished more with his mouth on two breasts than most guys could do with a hard dick in a wet pussy.  Fucking amazing!  I thought as I looked toward the ceiling.

“I love you, Angel.”

“I love you too, baby.”

And with that, I woke up.  I looked around the bathroom.  “Damn, where is he?” I asked myself.  Where did he go?  How long was I in here?  The bubbles were gone and so was my wine.  I smelled my scent and my pussy was still pulsating so that strong ass orgasm was there too.  It was time to get out.

I put on my terry cloth bathrobe and walked into my room.  After rubbing myself down with cocoa butter, I snuggled under my comforter and shivered at the thought of his mouth on me.  If I was been a smoker, I would’ve blazed one up right now.

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  1. Verу descriptive article, I enjoyеd that bit. Will there bbe a pаqrt 2?

  2. yes there will be

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