The Best Man Holiday offers something for everyone #PassionateSpot

bestman2By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

The Best Man Holiday is a movie for couples or girlfriends. It is a flick that offers something for everyone: DRAMA (even a cat fight), faith, tears and plenty of laughs! More importantly it is a throwback to the hey day of 1990s, early 2000s for African American flicks. The feel good flick filled with plenty of good looking people – the Buppie era.

The movie starts with scenes from the 1999 Best Man film to reintroduce the key players as we catch up on where they are now:

Mia (Monica Calhoun) and Lance (Morris Chestnut) are living a dream life with a mega mansion as he is a star player for the New York team. But perhaps everything is not as golden as it seems in paradise.

Shelby (Melissa De Sousa) is just as messy as she was before, even a bit meaner if that is possible. Key difference is now she is a mama – not mother of the year mind you, but she has a child.

Harper (Taye Diggs) and Robyn (Sanaa Lathan) are expecting their first baby – after previous miscarriages – as Harper’s writing career is floundering a bit. So being in her ninth month Robyn is really not feeling Harper’s best friend Jordan (Nia Long) who is uber beautiful and successful. The interesting twist for Jordan is she has a new love in her life Brian. Does she really need a man (she answers that question very directly) and how well do the fellas feel about a bit of vanilla in their club?

Candace (Regina Hall) and Julian (Harold Perrineau) have settled into a comfortable life together with kids, while running a private school. But will Candace’s past put everything in jeopardy  when donors learn about her checkered past?

And then there is the real star of this movie – as he somewhat was in the original flick – Quentin played by Terrance Howard. The Best Man really skyrocketed Howard from second banana roles to a sexy leading man consideration. The Best Man Holiday reminds us why we loved him so. He is crazy and with his success able to say and do whatever he wants – so he does. I think “stimulus package” is one of the funniest lines this year.

Now is this a perfect film no. The things that work for it, also work against it. At times it feels like director and writer Malcom D. Lee had no filter or editor. A little of this, a little of that just feels thrown in. But every time it risks going too far, Howard and company save the day with a scene so funny you forgive the jumbled mess.

In the end, The Best Man Holiday is an enjoyable flick to kick off the holiday season and catch up with old friends. The ending leaves the definite impression we will not have to wait 14 years for the next installment – or at the very least a spinoff is in the works.


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