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Come See for Yourself!!!

THE 2013 ATLANTA PITCH SUMMIT is a conference where ideas from writers/creators are pitched to television networks, producers, studio reps, production companies, agents, etc. Imagine speed dating with a treatment or script in hand! The educational factor are workshops and panels on how to pitch, package and industry pointers.

The Atlanta Pitch Summit teaches its attendees an important lesson: all great films and TV shows start with the perfect pitch. The formal pitching process may seem at odds with an artist’s creative spontaneity, but that’s what the event’s speakers and workshop leaders are there for: to teach their students how to develop, and distill their ideas into an inspired product ready to dazzle Hollywood executives.

The annual event brings in industry insiders from around the country, including network and film executives, producers, and successful screenwriters. Over several days, they lead workshops and panels that delve into all areas of film and TV production, from putting together a pitch to finding a distributor. Industry tips and networking opportunities abound, and the summit culminates in a special opportunity for rising producers: for three to four minutes, real, nonanimatronic Hollywood executives listen to each attendee’s verbal pitch, hoping to discover the next TV or film visionary.

OCT 31: Distribution Contest Screening 

NOV 1:   Panels/Workshops(Day) & ExecutiveVIP Mixer (Night)

NOV 2:   Pitch Session ( Listening to pitches-Day) & ExecuSexy Happy Hour & Networking (Night)

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