I win at the 2013 African American Literary Awards #PassionateSpot

1157661_10151686634026634_418487641_n 1378322_10151686633171634_845315680_n 1378362_10151686634156634_1706061066_n 1378511_10151686633161634_1980582489_n 1379643_10151686044811634_1429109069_n 1380348_10151686633436634_481480810_n 1381570_10151686634181634_1326904070_n 1239419_10151686633811634_1170178016_n 1374175_10151935021875485_1308165069_n 1374369_10151686633586634_1369731286_n



  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations Tamika!

  3. Congratulations! Keep winning sis!

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