Exclusive Read: #TrustNoNigga sneak peek (unedited excerpt) releasing this Fall #PassionateSpot


It was the smallest bathroom I had ever stood in. If it was just me it would even be difficult just to squat over the toilet. He and I stood there his chest to my chin as he was so damn tall and sexy. I buried my nose into his chest and took a deep breath. This man was my weakness. I felt my knees begin to tingle and shake. My head became light as the scent of his skin danced aimlessly around my senses. All of my senses. My eyes were admiring his dark silk like skin, the feel of his body was being embraced with the tips of my fingers, my nose enjoyed smelling the scent of his cologne, and I could hear his heart beating. His heart was racing against the time we didn’t have much of. I last grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down towards mines and with a slightly parted mouth I tasted his. I moaned and he moaned as he slide his hands aggressively up and down my body pulling and squeezing every inch of me. He palmed me perfectly and with one hard thrust he lifts me up and pushes me backwards over the sink. Our kiss was deep, rough, impatient.  I cry a passionate cry. I crave for an immediate release. I needed to feel him inside of me. I needed this feeling to be taken care of. I wanted him to jam his dick inside of me and fuck me until my pelvis subsided and the agony of it all went away. “Put him in.” I cried. He reached down in between my legs as I took my hands to his belt buckle. One button gone, second button take care of, zipper is now down, that’s it place your hand inside and find his magic stick. Find the wand that will magically slurp up all of your juices. Ever had a man that felt like his dick was made especially for this moment? Ever felt like the moment you two connected the world was at peace. No one was in pain and no one was in debt? In this very moment I had those feelings that nothing was wrong, nothing was imperfect. Everything was right where it was supposed to be. I psyched myself out and with my right hand I wrapped my hand around his perfect dick. It was more than perfect. Just the right thickness, just the right nine inches, his head had the perfect ring that often my mouth salivated with excited with just thinking about it, it was strong and thick, and the vein that pulsated through his shaft right down the middle was the cherry on top. I pulled it out from behind his boxers as he pulled my panties to the side. My clit was so engorged that it was now pressing through my lips. I was oozing out of my very own self so much so that it made the sink I sat on slippery.  My eyes matched his and his matched mines. We were breathing so hard out of our mouths that the small room grew foggy; the mirror wasn’t even visible any more. As if on cue he slips inside of me as I spread my legs and arch my back. I gasp as my walls settle around is dick. I held my breathing and focused on the impact my body was currently experiencing. He moved in and out of me so rough with so much desire, with just as much passion that I bite into his shoulder to hide the cries of my sudden orgasm. I felt myself lose control of my body. I could no longer feel the blood pumping through my veins. My vision was blurred. My throat was tight and my arms were too weak to hold on to him that he hurriedly wrapped his arms around me as our love session quickly came to a halt. I felt him tense up as his seeds exploded inside of me. You could only hear the panting of our breathing and the racing of our hearts as we slowly drifted out of each other’s embrace. If I was going to get caught fucking another nigga with my man in the next room, then this was totally worth it. So worth it that I look at him and whispered, “Let’s do it again.”

Coming this Fall


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