Tamika’s New York state of Mind #PassionateSpot

I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice long business trip to New York City during the ever so popular New York Fashion Week. It is the premiere fashion week in the country and I definitely went in with a intrigued mind. Fashion shows, models, bloggers, magazines, editors, designers, stylists, and so much was going on in the city.

I hosted a Books and Brunch which will become a city to city event during this year’s fashion week. Many of the country’s elite bloggers were in attendance. The topic was to discuss women entrepreneurs. We also ran a contest to bring in aspiring bloggers who were able to feed off of our business savvy minds. The event was sponsored by Cover Girl Queen collection and LiftLabSkin Care. Look out for more Books and Brunch events to come.

IMG_20130908_13101820130908_132516 20130908_141015 IMG_20130908_124834IMG_20130908_133309 IMG_20130908_135237


I second attended the Harlem Row Fashion show with attendees from VH1, TvOne, Debra Lee of BET, actors, musicians, and so much more. I got some back stage action too.

IMG_20130906_184542 IMG_20130906_194004

My weekend was topped off with many meetings with magazine editors, publicists, columnists, and other professionals making this my most busiest NY trip to date. 2014 is going to be a great busy year I tell ya.

IMG_20130909_180953IMG_20130910_182515IMG_20130908_172359 20130908_171508


I ended my weekend with a photo shoot for a new campaign I have coming up and some preview shots are below. To be revealed soon, very soon.

IMG_20130909_16342320130909_155409 20130909_155551



All in all I had a great business trip. I took some time to entertain myself and squeeze in some fun times. I met people on the street and gave away books, had social lunches and dinners, and man I tell ya this trip made me look at Atlanta like catch up already lol. The life of the city is all that in a bag of Doritos. Can’t wait to get back to the city. But until next time back writing for me. New series called Trust No Niggas is under works.






  1. It looks like you had a great, inspiring time! Your dress was bomb and i love that you got to give away some books!

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