The basics of getting started when marketing your book online #PassionateSpot

972382_10152898425685440_918906_nI have been performing book publicity for over 500 authors since 2008. Not that I aspired to be this person I just developed the capabilities from simply loving social media. One thing authors fail to realize is that you can totally suck when it comes to marketing your book if you are not unique. That’s only one characteristic you need however. To be successful in self-promoting yourself you will also need these characteristics;




And patience

How I came about to being successful in social media marketing is by developing strategic plans that work specifically for me. I am a brand and the book is a part of me, the book is NOT the brand. I cannot promote any author the same because no one is the same. Not one of us can duplicate DNA so why think we can duplicate the same exact marketing tools. Steps to beginning your social media marketing consist of;

Identify your brand

Identify your audience

Research different strategies you can perform to stand out

Time your posts and involvement online

Avoid following your peers and being involved in cliques. This tends to distract you from your main goal and also you tend to promote to the same audience

Take it a step further and get from behind your computer and promote in the real world. Hundreds of people who aren’t natural writers are coming out with books every day. So what makes a reader want to buy your book? Truth be told a reader will not know who’s the natural writer or not as they will just go by from what interest them. So get their interests.


Any questions for me?




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