New Video: K-Ci and JoJo – ‘Knock It Off’


Is Jodeci making a comeback? Oh Snap!

1/2 of the group, K-Ci and Jo Jo are back with a new video for the song, “Knock It Off” and I’m excited to say, the single is hot.  These guys really haven’t lost the flare they had in the 90s when they were giving us wedding songs like “Love You For Life,” “Forever My Lady” and “My Heart Belongs To You” and bedrooms songs like “Come and Talk To Me,” “Freek’n You” and “Stay.” Those were the days!

In the black-and-white visual to the new single, the fellas get their flirt on while telling a chick that she’s about to get the business if she doesn’t knock it off.  The song is very current but still reminiscent of the music they made in their prime.

Peep it below:
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