The movie “ #Fruitvale ” plays tug of war on your heart! #PassionateSpot


When going into seeing this film I knew it was based on truth. I knew it was about injustice and the fact that yet another black man was victimized by an overly forcible police officer. A story about Oscar Grant who was fatally shot and killed by police officers in Oakland was the told story. The story before the shooting is what keeps playing in my head.

We have heard and seen the stories from since the beginning of time. Victims like Emmitt Till, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and Sean Bell are stories of black men killed at the hands of a white man after initially being profiled, labeled, or victimized. Sadly there will be more names added to this list. Why you ask? Because blind racism still exist. Police officers will still continue to use excessive force, murder unarmed men and get away with it because the justice system has allowed them to.

Instead of lynching black women and men on trees as they did many years ago they are now shooting us. They found a new way to execute the innocent. Ask yourself why this continues to still happen? Why is it that a black man is considered guilty before being proven innocent, but a white man will have the opportunity to prove why he took a life and in many cases such as these get away with it?

It is 2013 and still today we are fighting against racism that society mostly refuses to still believe exists. Fruitvale was embedded in my spirit because I watched a story of a 22 year old man struggle with his past wrongs and the fight to change and correct his wrongs. I watched a story of a man who was so young but yet still a father this is daughter. I watched a man get shot in his back like an animal in the street.

I want many to see this film because it raised awareness to the injustice to stories like Oscar Grant, because truthfully like Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Emmitt Till, and so many more like them were killed unarmed. A few of these men were just walking down the street. If we can be victimized by just walking away then what security do we have to walk the lands of our own country? What confidence do we have in the justice system to not allow us to continue to be executed?

See this film. Tell your friends to see this film. Then act on your emotions. Just don’t sit and be quiet. Let’s speak out and work towards ending these murders.


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