No one gets it unless you are black #PassionateSpot

t1larg.mills_selmaRacism exists just as much as it did when our ancestors were fighting for our civil rights. Yes it is still prevalent today but it’s not thrown in your face so blatantly. The George Zimmerman case for the murder of Trayvon Martin is underway and it’s not a trial on if he murdered him it’s on whether it was justified.

Now I am no genius when it comes to the law but what justifies murder in this case. What justifies any one being unarmed and gunned down? We don’t want a civil payout as they often do when an unarmed black man is killed and the city just pays the family off in a civil case as the officers stay on the force or the civilian just walks away. I am tired of reading stories like Sean Bell. We as a nation should be tired of the injustice and stop being blind to the racism.

To prevent herself from being attacked Marissa Alexander fired off a warning shot and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. A black woman. However she also used the stand my ground law as her reasoning. The same law George Zimmerman used. But how is a woman who did not harm anyone now be in jail for 20 years and this man be given hundreds of thousands in financial backing for actually killing a teen boy.

The media has tried to depict Trayvon as a thug. A thug who obviously was doing something wrong, so he was the reason why he was shot and killed. Now is that right? Does this sound correct to you?

How many times do our black men have to make sure they change lanes appropriately so that the cop behind him holds no reason just to pull him over? How many times must a black teen be considered a menace to society if he chooses to wear his pants baggy?

Why must we not fight against the fact that Philadelphia is closing over 20 schools because they did not have over 200 million dollars to financially support them but green light a 400 million dollar prison project?

When is it not fair to automatically assume that a black man is guilty of rape when a white woman screams it? When is it not right that when a black woman is raped our first question to her is, what did you do?

I’m nervous because I am raising a black man I don’t want to be shot out of spite if he reaches in his back pocket for his wallet. I am raising a black woman who I don’t want her rights taken away if she screams no to a rape and is never believed.

MOST of all I am nervous because in spite of the fact that I preach to my kids that as long as you do right you will never get in trouble with the law. As long as you are in the right place at all times you will never be victimized. I am nervous of these last two statements most of all because I know it’s a lie. What I am afraid of is the day my kids discover that regardless if they never do wrong in life trouble may always find them because they have a black face.

These are my thoughts. These are my truths. These are my fears. I have been told by others who are not black that racism doesn’t exist anymore. My response to that is….walk in my skin and then say that again.



  1. What is said about this is sad not because it is true but because there are Trayvon Martin’s dying everyday. Whether by white men or black. We have allowed it or should I say accepted it. People in today’s society that are complacent and do not wish to ruffle feathers would prefer to stay quiet, pull the shades, close the doors then to speak out. We must stand together not as a black society but all of society as human beings, Americans, we are equal and our young men and women deserve to be treated as such. If we continue to divide ourselves then we will continue to be judged differently. What we need is equality, there is no justification to murder any man, white, black or of any race or decent or to be miss-treated by anyone(police).

  2. Powerful truth. There is no post-racial society. These injustices against Black People are just modern day lynchings. Sad to say our country has and is backsliding regarding race, religion, politics, gender, and sexual orientation. The Radical Right and the Tea Party are the new KKK. As Americans banded together in the 50s and 60s to fight social injustice we must come together again to bring healing to our nation. Thank you for this timely post.

  3. Things really have to change.

  4. Wow, powerful blog and so true. Yes, the biggest obstacle to fighting racism is that so many people do not think it exist, that it is only something of the past. However, we must be strategic and knowledgeable to fight back. We most not lose our voice.

  5. The scales of justice is extremely unbalanced when it comes to black people. It’s very disheartening, and frustrating.

    Thank you for this post! I agree with you 100% and I’m definitely going to share.


  1. […] No one gets it unless you are black #PassionateSpot. […]

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