Ex-NBA Player Being Sued By Ex-Mistress For Hush Money #PassionateSpot

MarburySued_articleEx-NBA player Stephon Marbury is a prime example of how not to conduct an extramarital affair. Marbury is currently being sued by his former mistress after he promised to pay her close to a million dollars to keep their affair under wraps. He paid most of the money, but now the former mistress is suing for the remaining amount. Advertisement

Thurayyah Mitchell started out as Marbury’s personal chef and then found herself in his bed while he was married in 2006. Marbury told Mitchell he would give her $900,000 if she kept their secret sex sessions quiet. Stephon Marbury almost kept true to his word. He paid Mitchell more than $600,000 but defaulted on the rest. She took him to court at the beginning of the year to get the remaining $331, 584.50. A judge ordered the ex-basketball star to give his former lover her money, but Marbury has yet to fork over the cash.

Since he still hasn’t paid, Mitchell is petitioning the court to force Marbury to liquidate some assets and turn over his Benz and Land Rover to her in order to fulfill his debt. A new hearing is set for June 17th.  Marbury is married to “Basketball Wives” cast member Tasha Marbury.


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