I’ll be selfish on this birthday of mines #PassionateSpot

424660_4306887731026_1810703518_nJune 3rd has always been the day of elevation for me. A new beginning. Out with the old and a chance to launch a new year. It was the day my mother gave birth to an obsessive dreamer, me! I use to look forward to this day just to say I was a brand new age. Today marks the day that I am officially in my late twenties. I turned the BIG 27! LOL you may all think that is still fairly young and it may or may not be in your book but to me it’s a stepping stone to moving forward in life.


I have never lived the life of my age. At 21 I launched my second business was a mother of two by 20 and I was not only liable for myself for so long that you sometimes forget about yourself. You tend to aim your focus on others to ensure that they are happy. If their happy then you’re happy. I did that. I do that. I am going to do that. But not today!


Today I want to be selfish and just think about Tamika. I want to be grateful for the goals I have reached, the children I have given birth to, the man that I love, but not today. Today I want to be selfish. Today I want to close my eyes and remember being bounced on my mother’s knee. I want to remember being cradled in her bosom. I want to remember the time when I had no worries. When all I had to do was just wake up and live each day and know that someone else had everything else covered.


I PLAN to put on some jeans a t shirt, flip flops, pull my hair back, place on my shades and point my head to the sky and just smile. I am going to walk around town and just admire the world that I live in. I am just going to pig out, run around, being a tourist, and for once not check my email. Today I am not the CEO of Delphine Publications, I am not the founder of AAMBC, I am not the mother, or the confidant, I am not the leader of others, or the dependable one. I may just run out into the street and jump in the air and scream “I am here Lord. I am here on June 3, 2013. 27 years after creating me I am still here.” And in the end I will look up into the sky and imagine Mama bouncing me on her knee and asking me, “Mika what do you want to do today?”


I would smile, place my hands on both of cheeks and give them a big squeeze and say “Mama can I just be a big kid today and have fun. Just me and you?” I know she would tell me yes. So that’s what I am going to do today, be a big kid!





  1. Happy Personal New Year…


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

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