Take A Look Into @AARONCamper ‘s ‘Mirrors’ #PassionateSpot


After conquering everything from the GRAMMY Awards to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a member of Justin Timberlake‘s remarkable Tennessee Kids troupe, Aaron Camper is stepping out on his own again. This time around he’s taking on Timberlake’s hit single “Mirrors” and giving it new life by blending it with a song of his own entitled, “Megahurtz.” As always, Camper has something significant to offer and it’s wrapped up in the smoothest R&B harmonies around. Although it’s easy to get lost in the dark accompanying video, Camper handles this refix quite well. Fortunately, this isn’t the last that we’ll hear from the Maryland crooner. Following the release of “MirrorsxMegahurtz,” he announced that a new project is in the works and the original version of “Megahurtz” will be included on it. Head over to his website to grab your free copy of “MirrorsxMegahurtz” and stay tuned for what’s coming next from Aaron Camper.

Courtesy of Soul Bounce



  1. I freakin love Aaron. Great Voice. Awesome Spirit. Fantastic Lyrics. He’s such a keeper in the music industry!

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