“L.A. Hair” Season 2 Preview — Kim Kimble Brings Back The Celeb Clients & Crazy Cast #PassionateSpot

 photo LAHR_KA_final2_zps2a802ebb.jpg

Season 2 of “L.A. Hair” is on the way.  And we’ve got the exclusive first look at which celebs are popping up in new season, Kim Kimble and her team of stylists, and all that drama that goes down inside any given hair salon….

On this season of “L.A. Hair”, Kim and her stylists work on high maintenance clients like Faith Evans, Michelle Williams, Fantasia, LisaRaye, LeToya Luckett, Vivica Foxx, Kyla Pratt and tons more.

And if you watched last season, you saw the typical salon drama of stylists backstabbing each other to be #1, a newbie stylist having the nerve to try to double cross her employer–Kim,  all the catty drama amongst the stylists.

And it’s all continuing in season 2, except Kim’s got a brand new salon.

Here’s the first look at season 2:


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