Praises on my book ‘Kisses Don’t Lie’ #PassionateSpot

9780984692330New! DJ GATSBY’S BOOK CLUB “DJ GATSBY” reviewed Kisses Don’t Lie (Delphine Publications Presents)

A Love Story Like No Other !! April 15, 2013

Kisses don’t Lie is part one of Tamika Newhouse’s provoking series which includes a tale of suspense, intrigue mixed with some real life drama. While visiting her family in Texas, Kyla comes face to face with her first love who confronts her about a promise they made to each other over ten years earlier. A simple kiss brings back secrets. Secrets that if were ever revealed would be devastating to say the least. Kyla struggles with her desires and finds herself caught between two lovers from her past and one of them is blackmailing her. To make matters worse, Kyla has recently entered into a relationship with a co-worker in Washington, DC where she currently lives. Oh, “what a tangled web we weave”. Who will she choose? Brittany has recently met a wonderful man that adores her and is falling for her quickly. Things are going good between Michael and Brittany but, after a night of passion Brittany comes up pregnant. She begins to relive experiences from her pass and chases Michael away. Believing he would play the disappearing act anyway. Michael is confused and rejected by her actions and tries desperately to show her she is wrong about him. Brittany struggles to make a decision whether to have his child or not. Will both of them make the right decision?

Tamika Newhouse does a wonderful job of weaving the intricate plots full of twists and turns and suspense. This novel will literally have you on the edge of your seat. Just when you begin to think you have it figured out the story line & plot Tamika will reveal another twist to keep you full of suspense. A love story like no other, all because of a simple kiss.

Kisses don’t lie? Do they?


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