Jana Nicole Pauldo speaks on her book ‘Scared of Lonely’ #TeamDelphine

9780989090612.jpgsmallWhen nineteen year old Sharise Watkins becomes involved in a relationship with her brother, she finds herself being tormented by a mortal sin mentally, sexually, and emotionally. She is left with life-long damaging effects that destroy her inner soul causing her to reflect on her perception of reality, the loneliness she feels without love, and learning who to love. Scared of Lonely tells the story of a girl who is succumbed to temptation by incest, when her secrets are revealed, her quest for happiness is put at a screeching halt. Sharise becomes obsessed with being involved with her brother and by giving into the allure of temptation, she soon finds that she may be in too deep to be pulled up.
1: Give us an introduction to ‘The Princess of Literature’, where did that name come from?
I’m self-made and it came from me; Jana Nicole Pauldo. I always knew I was met to reign in royalty and I am such an inspiration when it comes to going after what I want in any area of my life. Princess of Literature is more than just a title; it was instilled in me before my birth but with anyone sitting on a throne challenges are thrown at them from every direction no matter what level of success they are trying to get to.

2: So what is Scared of Lonely about?
Scared of Lonely takes readers into the life of Sharise Watkins a young girl involved in a consensual relationship with her brother Corey. She finds herself being caught up in him and not wanting to let go of a sin that isn’t right in God’s eyes from a spiritual view or society. She neglects and abuses her daughter and learns the hard way that sometimes loneliness is good for the soul.

6: There was a rumor that it was Tamika Newhouse’s face on the cover of your book, is that true?
Yes! That’s true. LoL! No, I am only kidding. The cover was designed by her personal team and the model is a representative of the graphic company’s choice. However, it did look like Mrs. Tamika in all honesty but it wasn’t.

7: What other releases can we be expecting from you?
The next three books I have coming out under Delphine Publications.

8: Are there any events that readers will be able to catch you at this year?
Yes, readers can catch me at The Essence Festival and any other events that I can get to on my schedule.

9: Are you a free flowing writer or do you sit down and plan it out chapter by chapter?
I outline all my chapters and take notes before writing my novels.

10: Lastly how can people keep up with you online?



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