Movie Review: ‘Temptation’ Have you ever been tempted? #PassionateSpot



When going in I had no idea what to expect of this film. I thought it would be a spicy, sexy film and where we would experience the affair with the characters. But it wasn’t like that. There weren’t any heated sex scenes but there were some emotional roller-coasters.

The main characters met at the age of six married very young and never experienced a relationship with anyone else ever. And when the husband started to neglect his husbandly duties he left his wife vulnerable to a vulture.

In my opinion this was a great film because it left me so angry. I may be one of the few people that blame the husband and then the wife for the affair that the wife had. You may ask how is it the husband’s fault. Well we have all heard it before when a woman gets told “you better satisfy your man or someone else will.”  And in this case the husband didn’t take care of his wife’s needs and a man fed on the vulnerability of a lonely forgettable wife. Although the husband wasn’t a jerk, cheater, or beater, he forgot one thing. To appreciate his wife!

When you get married the relationship doesn’t stop there, you have to date your spouse. Have intimate conversations and get to know each other each year because each year a person changes. I did not like the ending however on how the wife gets HIV and the husband doesn’t pull a Cookie Johnson move and stay. I felt he should have stayed and do the Magic Johnson thing. And you may ask me why that is?

Well the husband caused the wife to be vulnerable which led to the affair ultimately. Also as well the wife was in the wrong because not one time did she tell her husband she wasn’t happy. They always say communication is the key and in this case their marriage had none.

Also I feel that if these characters would have never married young and experienced life then the wife would have not been so easily influenced by a guy who obviously knew he could tempt her. As in you have heard people say don’t get married young. And I agree you shouldn’t because the mistake made when you are single will be made when you’re married if you don’t know any better.

Round up advice;

In a marriage always communicate

Date your spouse

Also appreciate the one you love

Do not get married young

Use protection

Never get involved with anyone who isn’t on the same faith/Christian walk as you

Learn to recognize game

Tell me do you feel the husband played a big role in his wife having an affair?



  1. I completely agree, the husband played a major role in the affair. He was completely blinded by his old fashioned ways, to open his eyed and see the signs. Yes, the wife should’ve just been blunt and make her unhappiness known. But then again the husband was stupid for not seeing it.
    1. He missed her birthday two years in a row. And I’m sorry no half naked guitar dance would make up for that.
    2. He should’ve said something when he had to go get HIS wife from another mans house, rather than just standing there smiling.
    3. He didn’t ask questions when his wife was leaving at late hours, and taking calls other rooms. She was dressing differently. She was living with another man ! How does he not notice his wife isn’t sleeping next to him ?! Not once did he do anything. He waited till the whole club scene to decide to be a husband.
    So yes, the husband did have a big role in the affair. He basically gave her the green light.
    (sorry for the long comment lol, I just couldn’t stop)

  2. I agree on so many levels. There are individuals around now (probably reading this post) that feel their marriages are so solid and great and they’ve overcome obstacles whom have married young themselves, but have no clue that the same thing is going on in their household. I agree in not getting married young. You’re in the phases of getting to know yourself, how can you expect to know another? Yes, it takes 2. The need to feel as if you need to step outside should indicate to you as a married individual that something is not where it needs to be. Now I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen the movie because well I’d have to have a panel discussion later lol. I don’t think everyone should stay out of pity or hurt. Maybe him leaving was better than him staying and sticking it out with her. Now, in Magic’s case, he TOLD his wife of his indiscretions (if she didn’t already know) although it was later after contracting the virus. But he gave her the CHOICE to stay and she chose it. Most individuals won’t give their spouses the CHOICE they just make them for them, be it renewing vows based on lies, down-low activities, extra-marital affairs, the list goes on. If you can give them the choice in marrying you, give them the choice in staying or leaving. In this case his choice was to leave.

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  4. I was excited to see the movie based on the previews, but when I saw the movie I found it very slow. I agree as a moviegoer I wasn’t allowed to experience any real passion or heat from this crazy affair that really morphed out of thin air. Sure the husband forgot his wife’s birthday and was very ordinary and traditional, but I don’t think age had anything to do with it. It was just his personality and in the end he found a woman who craved a simple existence. I don’t blame him for leaving, as I think most spouses would’ve done given the circumstance. When a movie is called Temptation you naturally expect some heat and passion to abound and this movie offered none which was disappointing. Great message, but it left a lot to be desired.

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