Tamika Newhouse writes a letter to her younger self #PassionateSpot


Hey you, how was your day today? I pray you didn’t let your peers get to you as you normally do. I notice the loneliness in your eyes sometimes when you walk the hallways of your school. And yes I understand that you don’t fit in with most of the girls, but guess what you’re not supposed to fit in.

Can I introduce myself first however? You may not believe it but I am you. Only fifteen years later. I promise you I am, so don’t laugh or ball up this letter because this letter is especially for you. I watch you every day and I smile at you sometimes. Although you don’t know that I am here but I am. I am with you with each step that you take.

The other day in your room after Mama cooked, ya’ll watched the basketball game together and then you were off to your room to write as you normally do. I ain’t gonna lie, I like the fact that Mama doesn’t have a TV in your room, it helps you stay focus. Focused on what you might ask?

Would you believe me when I say that your journals would be famous one day? That the pen you write with is creating history? No; well listen carefully. This year you turned twelve and wrote your first novel, ‘Nothing To Lose’ and you announced that you were going to be a novelist. Well I am where you will be fifteen years from now; I am actually that novelist that you proclaimed to be. Stop laughing at me and shaking your head because I am you; Tamika. I cried those tears just as you did the other day. I yearned for a friend to call my phone too; I wondered why I was so lonely and why I never fit in with anyone. Trust me; because fifteen years from now that is still going to be the case.

My advice is to get over it. You won’t fit in, you never will. Don’t question me why that is because as I said I am you and you are me. Even now I struggle with the fact that I don’t relate to many people. Instead we just write, we write stories of people who we know in our head.

Do me this favor though. Regardless of when they talk about you, even when they spread lies and laugh in your face’ I want you to smile in spite of. When you grow up Mama wont be here, your sister will be in her own world and many will be gone and forgotten. But I am here Tamika, I will never leave you. Because I am you and you are me.

So ask me what I am doing now since I am you. Go ahead you know you want to because sometimes you can be so nosey lol. Well to give you a hint, I write books. No no no not for fun I write and make money from it. Not only that; Mama’s name plays a big part in a company you will one day own. I swear I am not lying so stop rolling your eyes at me.
Ok you don’t believe me. Here’s another thing; also you will visit the Big Apple one day as you always dreamed of, you will meet famous people who actually know of you and have read your books, you will become a wife and mother one day, and guess what this is the big kicker here. You will have a daughter who will one day grow up and start writing just like you. Yep, I promise you on that. That’s pretty cool huh?

Ok stop trying to get me to tell you more because I can’t give it all away. The only way for you to know what’s going to happen next in your life is if you keep living your life, writing in those journals, and being that odd girl that nobody understands. Promise me Tamika that even when you feel God has tested you to the tenth power that you will push forward. Do you promise me?

Great that’s what I want to hear. Well I can’t continue to write in this letter to you all day because I am actually writing a book we will one day publish. Crazy huh and don’t ask me about details of the book because you already know it, it’s right there in your heart. I am there too, in your heart and smiling at you. I love you baby girl. Keep on writing. Muah.




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