Interview-Teen writer Stone Erickson pens thriller Sci-Fi with Delphine Publications

Stone Erickson is one of the youngest published authors in the country. He wrote his first full length work at twelve and was offered a publishing deal with Delphine Publications at fourteen. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write,” he admits. His first passion was the Magic Tree House series by Marie Pope Osbourne. Reading offered the elementary school student an opportunity to escape into a literary fantasy. It wasn’t long before Stone was creating his own literary fantasies, utilizing the personality traits of his friends, teachers and even kids he didn’t get along with at school. His first attempts were comic books starring himself as a superhero he started writing and illustrating back in third grade. “I like to take people’s best or worst characteristics and push them into new characters with totally different identities,” he explains of his writing style.

Today the fifteen year old high school freshman lives in Atlanta, GA; Stone is an honor roll student and has received numerous academic accolades. In addition to writing, he is an avid soccer player and enjoys science and psychology . Stone says he wants people that read his books to take away the fact that life is a challenge that needs to be endured. “Life is not always going to be easy. If you’re going through hell, keep going through it,” he says.

Interview with Stone:

1.       For those who don’t know who you are, tell us who is Stone Erickson?
I’m an average teenager who likes to play soccer, write, and eat. Usually you’ll find me doing one of the above activities. I am in gifted classes at my high school , FCHS where I try to maintain good grades so I don’t die when I bring home my report card. My dreams include becoming an esteemed author and accoladed biologist.
2.      How does it feel seeing your name on the cover of your book?
Very weird if I do say so myself. I’ve know for a long time that I was going to write a book, but to have it published at 15 seems unrealistic to say the least. I’m very excited and hope to see my name on many more.
3.       What inspired you to write a story like Black Angel?
Probably life itself. Throughout my life, I’ve been through some difficult trials which I have been able to go through thanks to the people around me. Because of those people, I feel a urge to do the same for others as they’ve done for me. Solomon, the main character of the series, is a character I made symbolizing the human struggle to make it through a trial when there seems to be no way out. In the series you will slowly see him grow and make decisions based on the people who come to help him in the near future. In this series, you will see Solomon stripped down to nothing (book 1’s plot) and then the rebuilding of his emotions and spirit, which he will not be able to do alone.

9780988709393.jpgsmall4.       How did you and your family react when you found out you were added to the Delphine Roster?

Everyone I knew seemed to be ecstatic. We are all very enthusiastic about the whole thing. It seems to us like a dream come true. I can tell that everyone is very proud.

5.      What else do you plan on doing following the release of Black Angel?

I have a lot of thing to do and a lot of ambition.  There will be 3 books following Black Angels (if there are no revisions). They shall probably be called White Demons, Red Dawn, and Blue skies. Next, I have numerous other series which I’ll be showing Delphine in approximately a month or two. These series shall be known as “The Zodiac Chapters, The Name Killer, Bonds, and Dark Cry”.

6.      Besides writing what do you like to do in your spare time?

As I said I love soccer, however I do have more lazy habits such as playing numerous video games which (hopefully) will rot my eyes out effectively showing my transformation into a complete gamer. I READ a lot. Some favorites of mine are The Percy Jackson series, Fable Haven, and many more.

7.     What would you say to other teens who want to follow in your footsteps and get published?

Do. Not. Let. Anyone. Stop. You. Many of my classmates told me I was being unrealistic to hope for something this huge. Well I have one thing to say to them. BOOM!

8.     Is there a particular message or thing that you want people to know after they read your book?

The overall message of Black Angels is this; You will be bombarded with struggle and self-apathy. Although that is true, you cannot give up. There is a rainbow after every shower and a light at the end of every tunnel (unless you are travelling at night in which there would be only darkness, however the metaphor is not meant to convey this message and neither am I :D)

9.     How can your fans keep up with you online? Do you have a website, twitter. Or Facebook?

All of the above. I would like to meet anyone who reads my book. If you like it tell me what you liked. If you hated it tell me what you hated. I can be reached on facebook and twitter quite easily, and my website is currently under construction and will be finished soon. Well. that’s the end, time to watch TV.

Find Stone:

FB: semims

Twitter @StoneErickson


Buy the Book:


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