Meelah of RNB group 702 pens new song #PassionateSpot

meelah-magenta-dress-thumb-473xauto-11019After a few years off, 702 alum Meelah continues her return to the game with the self-penned, Musiq Soulchild-produced “Pisces.” While Musiq does a decent job behind the boards recreating the denouement of “Break You Off” (The Roots‘ classic on which he was featured) Meelah is far less successful in her turn as songwriter. With ruminations on flying like a bird over the hurt and a stream-of-consciousness gem about being a fish (“Or even two fishes / Sometimes it’s just so hard to make up my mind”), the lyrics read like the deepest musings ever scrawled in a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. But Meelah’s still in fine voice (and let’s be honest, 702 was never really that blessed in the lyrics department), so if you’ve got some time (and possibly brain cells) to kill, go ahead and push play.



  1. Glad to see her doing her thang… Always loved the group. Thanks for sharing!

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