SWV Lands Reality Show With We tv #PassionateSpot


R&B girl group SWV will bring their stories to television in a new reality show on We tv, joining network hits such as Braxton Family Values and Mary Mary.

According to AlwaysAList.com, Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, Leanne “LeLee” Lyons, and Tamara “Taj” George will reportedly star in an unscripted docu-drama that will center on their return to the music scene, their off-stage dynamic and the reason behind their disbandment, as well as highlighting their personal lives.

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The platinum-selling trio is best known for several hits, including “Weak,” “Rain,” “Right Here,” “You’re Always On My Mind” and more. Over the span of their career, the group has garnered a handful of Billboard Music Award and Grammy Award nominations. After the release of their third studio album Release Some Tension and a special holiday record, the women took a hiatus to focus on solo projects and their lives at home.

Sisters With Voices reunited in 2005 with a set of worldwide tour dates and released their first album in 15 years, I Missed Us, in April 2012.

The pilot of the untitled reality show, produced by eOne Entertainment, was shot last fall.


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