Nick Cannon Beats Out Will Smith, Jamie Foxx For ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross Biopic #PassionateSpot

Ricky Ross biopic

As news continues to spread about the “Freeway” Ricky Ross biopic starring Nick “Mr. Get-A-Check” Cannon himself, the former drug trafficker is revealing more and more about his decision to cast the multi-hyphenate. And who didn’t make the cut.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Ross explained his initial plans to cast several blockbuster boys before settling on his perfect match.

“I spoke to Will Smith about the role. I had a couple meetings with Jamie Foxx about it. Larenz Tate, I was really serious about Larenz,” he said. “I spoke to Don Cheadle a couple of times about it. Columbus Short, I really, really liked Columbus Short for the role, but at the end of the day Nick’s willing to help me build the project. He’s willing to get in the trenches and roll up his sleeves and fight because I still wanna have some control.”

The pair announced the big news on Sunday (March 3) via YouTube, stating that the project had been in the works since 1996 when Cannon caught Ross’ attention.

“I been watching Nick since like ’96 when I was in custody in San Diego and that was one of the times when I was at my most tuneless time with the world, because I was incarcerated and I also had a life sentence,” Ross added. “He just reminds me of myself, just he took a different turn, he went to entertainment and I went to the streets.”

The untitled film will reportedly be directed by Nick Cassavetes (John Q, The Notebook) and will highlight Ross’ early life during the 1980s crack era and his incarceration.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Bastien Photography/Getty Images



  1. Marlo Stansfield aka Jamie Hector got that street edge to freeway

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