As artist all we want to do is write never mind the haters #PassionateSpot

Sometimes you feel you can be a super hero and that you can face anything. And especially after successfully pursuing your dreams you feel untouchable. Then reality starts to settle in as the downfalls to fame and fortune start to hit.

I often coach many writers on publishing 101 and marketing 101. I have been consistently working in the publishing business for over five years now and with the consistent changes that occur; I am often times working with new and up and coming talents teaching them on how to publish their books.

Sadly though with the many things that we have to work on I fail to show them the bad side of things. To be honest you don’t want to deflect anyone from living out their dream by highlighting the bad things. So I decided to blog about something’s a writer may face.

I have said to some of clients before that you must remember that you are a public figure. Through social media you gain followers and folks who fantasize or believe that they know you just because they follow you on social media sites.

Have you ever asked yourself “How do celebrities stay safe and sane with all these crazy folks who follow, stalk, or fantasize about them?”

Ask that question for authors too. I am seeing an elevation on authors being slandered, stalked, threatened, harassed, and so forth through social media from folks who obviously hold a grudge.

Grudges include:

Jealousy and envy

Wishful thinking

The desire to be in contact with them

I have personally dealt with slander, threats, and harassing emails and so have many of my colleagues. It’s a part of the business no one wants to talk about. You may wonder how you can prevent this from happening to you. Well to be honest you can’t. With success everyone plays their roles and that’s including “haters”. There is no way to prevent someone from being jealous of your success.

My advice is to stay focus on what’s positive, pay it no mind, and use your delete button a lot. Praying for their mind and that they move on helps with your peace of mind as well.

At the end of the day all we ever want to do as artist is write, so in my opinion, write. Write until you have no more stories to tell.



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