High School Author prepares for Release of Sci-Fi graphic Novel

978098870939315 year-old Author Stone Erickson Combines Sci-Fi, Mystery & Tragedy in critically acclaimed debut novel

ATLANTA (Sharewellnewswire.com) February 12, 2013— One of the youngest published authors in the country, 15 year old Stone Erickson is gearing up for the release of his first novel, Black Angel. The Sci-Fi/Mystery novel will be released through Delphine Publications on March 26, 2013, but is officially available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

A freshman in high school, Stone Erickson is eagerly anticipating the release of his first published novel.  He says his friends and classmates are almost as excited as he is about the release of Black Angel. “I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, says Stone Erickson. “I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing. To finally be able to see my book in its completed stage is a dream come true. I just want my readers to feel inspired and connected when reading my book. I want people to realize that life is a challenge that needs to be endured.  My favorite quote is from Winston Churchill, it says, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  That’s the message of my novel Black Angel.”

Black Angel explores the life of what appears to be an average high school student. Main character, Solomon Night is being abused at home and bullied at school, his life changes in the blink of an eye as he is hit by a car. In death, he is able to find peace but it is short lived as he is then giving a second chance at life and returns as the Black Angel gaining an assortment of new abilities.

Stone Erickson was introduced to the publishing business early on as his mother’s debut novel was released when he was eight years old.  He recalls accompanying her to book signings and listening to her talk about the book with book club events, etc.  Although he saw his mother’s writing career taking off, he didn’t share his writing with anyone for a long time. In his elementary school years, he spent much of his time creating literary fantasies by using the personality traits of his friends, teachers and even people who didn’t like him. He began writing and drawing comic books series starring himself as a superhero. “I started writing and drawing comic books to deal with changing schools after we moved,” he remembers.  “I went from comic books to writing short stories.”  Stone says he likes to create new characters by taking people’s best and worst characteristics and combining them together.  Having wrote his first full length novel at the age of 12, Stone’s mother helped him get his manuscript out to several publishers and he was later offered a publishing deal at the ripe age of 14 with Delphine Publications. “Delphine was a great fit for me because they are a specialized publishing company they really help you get an audience that likes the genre of book that you write,” he explains.  In addition to being a published author and student, Stone Erickson is an avid soccer player, an honor roll student who has received numerous academic accolades and loves science and psychology.


To pre-order a copy of Stone Erickson’s Black Angel, visit http://www.amazon.com/Black-Angel-Delphine-Publications-Presents/dp/0988709392

For media inquires or to interview Stone Erickson, contact Christal Jordan at 678.499.0297 or christal@enchantedpr.net

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